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  1. Topsy NMO Mount

    I wish my radio was an APX! It’s just an XTL5000. I volunteer with a SAR team and we use VHF. Our county has a 700MHz phase II system and they’ve patched a talk group to our analog repeater. So it’s kinda like being on an APX :)
  2. Topsy NMO Mount

    Good news, I found a Larsen NMO and it worked. The space intended for the thin metal car roof was much more wider than the Laird and it fit the mount perfectly. The Larsen part number is NMOKHFUD25.
  3. Topsy NMO Mount

    That’s too bad. I’m doing quite the radio install.
  4. Topsy NMO Mount

    For those who have used the Topsy NMO fender mount, I’m having an issue getting normal NMO assemblies to go through the hole. It’s cut at 3/4” diameter which is correct, but most NMO mounts are meant for the thin metal thickness of a vehicle roof. This mount is much thicker and doesn’t allow an...
  5. Video: Overlanding With Rubicon Gladiator vs Silverado Trail Boss in Moab (TFL)

    I've been considering using the Mopar steel spare wheels as well. But, they're 7.5" wide just like stock. The BFG MK3 they're using requires a 8.50" to 11.00" wheel width. Is this not a big deal to mount a tire slightly out of width spec?
  6. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    Purchased 5/31 and just finished the 500 mile break-in. This replaced a 2004 Grand Cherokee. Man, what a difference. I am in love.
  7. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    Purchased 5/31 and 500 miles, no issues.