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  1. Got New Rear Window and They Chipped My Top

    I've had my JT for a year and half and never had a rear window leak until hurricane Ida. It was just a couple of drops coming down inside. After reading this I'm just gonna leave it alone . LoL
  2. 6” Rough Country lift on 37’s

    I've been running the 3.5" RC springs and shocks on my JT for over a year with no complaints.
  3. Mopar receiver

    Does anyone know any good sites to buy the factory receiver? I see all these different Mopar sites but I'm not sure which ones legit. Thanks
  4. Bare bones sport manual

    Gears are probably the difference maker. I'm running 5.13s with 38s and the jeep crawls in 2nd gear with no throttle or clutch. I would of stalled out in two seconds with my 3.73s. Shifting 3rd through 4th is a lot of fun especially with the pedal commander. Starting off in 2nd easy too. Rev...
  5. iDRIVE throttle controller

    It does not fix rev hang in my M/T. It's Still worth the money though.
  6. Getting Livernois tune

    I know the pedal commander just modifies the sensitivity of the throttle but it made all the difference on my 2020 3.6 Gladiator with manual transmission. It's really fun to drive now. Does anyone have a pedal commander/idrive and a tuner?
  7. Ebay Trailer Tow hitch and Receiver

    I was going to buy the curt receiver but I have an aftermarket bumper so that's out of the question. I've been waiting to get the Mopar receiver for $290 but I've heard I most likey will have to remove my magnum rear bumper to install it. I saw this hitch yesterday with a built in receiver on...
  8. False tire sizes

    My 35x12.5 Duratracs were around that size too but I didn't care cus they visually dwarfed my stock tires.
  9. Re-gear and front diff fluid timing

    I got my rear differential fluid changed after my re-gear (500 miles) but the shop said I should wait on the front since I'm not using the 4wd right now. I didn't really get into detail about it at the time so now I'm wondering how long I can go before breaking the gears in. From what I've read...
  10. Burned to the ground…

    All the haters who can't drive stick or who passed it up for being impatient are gonna just assume it was a M/T so they can feel better about themselves. I posted on another recent thread with more M/T hate. This place is turning into a clown show.
  11. Burned to the ground…

    I love how everyone is quick to blame the M/T. The last JT I saw burn up on here was an automatic.
  12. Why no max tow with the manual transmission?

    I'm suprised nobody mentioned to him yet that the ESS does not work when the seatbelts not on. I doubt this is why but it's a possibility.
  13. Why no max tow with the manual transmission?

    My 5.13 gears are laughing at you I think a lot of people have never driven one so it's easy to justify their purchase so they can sleep at night. When all the cars and trucks are driving themselves they will wish they all fought for the stick shift. I owned a JL for 2 years and that...
  14. Why no max tow with the manual transmission?

    My 5.13 gears are laughing at you. Anyway... buying a JT for towing is a real wonder in itself.
  15. Cold Air Intake Benefits?

    JLT performance open air filter and heat shield. Easy 1 2 3
  16. What do u have coming in the mail?

    I'm broke so this $2 sticker will have to do.
  17. Stick Pics - The Unofficial place to show off your decals and stickers

    How hard was the bedside decal to put on ? I've been eying that things since I bought my Gladiator over a year ago. Looks good