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  1. Opinions and thoughts on limited budget upgrade priority.

    Bumper and winch will get you down/off any trail. Lift will let you enjoy most trails with better ease and not need a winch….but when you do need a winch, you NEED a winch. I’d go bumper and winch.
  2. Best Lift Kit for Gladiator Diesel?

    I used a 1/2” spacer up front. I do have metal bumper and winch. I have only a little bit of rake. Perhaps 1/2”? Less than factory.
  3. GVWR

    I totally agree with you. I’ve personally paid out tens of millions on “hold m’beer and watch this” kind of stuff. The litmus test is "did you know or should you have known". What a reasonably prudent person would have done/did. If my bed is full of camping stuff, and I've got five guys going...
  4. GVWR

    I’m in the business. That’s why I asked what your policy states. Mine does not. Blanket statements about you being denied is all that I’m trying to avoid. Every policy could say something different.
  5. GVWR

    can you show me in your auto policy where this would be excluded? I’ve read my conditions, limitations, and exclusions, and there is nothing about being overloaded.
  6. GVWR

    I do believe it is engineered for a bit more. who ever sets the parameters is what ultimately decides the ratings. I read that Australia JT’s are rated more for the same thing here in the U.S. different government standards. Edit: Aussie Rubicon is 1,527lbs payload
  7. AEV JT 2.5″ DUALSPORT RT SUSPENSION - Installation, tips and MOAB results!

    Nicely done! Looks great! PS you must loosen the control arms and torque them with the full weight of the vehicle on them. If you don’t, you will wear out your bushings faster than normal.
  8. What is this red light lol

    It’s to remind Canadians that Molson is garbage.
  9. So disappointed in this Diesel platform; wish there was a return policy.

    I did some digging and think it’s either some sort of electric pump to circulate coolant through the turbo (ala Alfa/abarth turbo technology) or it’s part of the fueling system keeping itself primed. Seems odd it runs for so long at shut down.
  10. What to expect with Hill Descent?

    Definitely a misprint. My gladiator only has selec speed control
  11. Consumer Reports recommends the Gladiator.

    Okay, so what, JD Power says it’s good. CR says it’s good, whoop-d-doo. If looked at individually. When you get several singing it’s praises, then there just might be something to it. I think there is something to it.
  12. What to expect with Hill Descent?

    You are totally right. Hill descent doesn’t do squat going up.
  13. What to expect with Hill Descent?

    It is a hill descent control of sorts, same essential thing. It will sound like your brakes and axles are grinding and breaking apart. It is disconcerting the first few times. It is reall cool and works well going up and down. For me, it shined going down long shelf roads in CO.
  14. High Altitude “Sport suspension” ?

    I always thought a HA was a fancier Overland. Kinda like they do on the WK2.
  15. So disappointed in this Diesel platform; wish there was a return policy.

    No, the electric pump noise is in the engine for circulating the turbo. A separate noise could be heard behind the cab, that would be the def. The quote from Garrett is correct. It is correct because it seems most turbo vehicles have a built in method to cool them. The M5 will idle after you...
  16. More Bump Stop?

    If you had 38x12.5 you’d probably have been okay. That extra width is probably it, along with backspacing. I wish they made a 38”,39”,40” x 12.5” A big-ish pizza cutter. I’d be curious your backspacing, for sure.
  17. Leaking axle seal?

    Full size car/sedan
  18. More Bump Stop?

    What is your lift and tire size? Seems like you need just a bit more lift or a bit more bump stop. Great video! Didn’t engage front locker? Shows off the brake/traction control system very well.
  19. Leaking axle seal?

    The rental is covered by Jeep. My dealer took me to enterprise and I handed them a PO slip. Dealer had called ahead of time. My dealer requires that the rental vehicle be a dodge/Jeep/ram product.