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  1. Driving in sand tutorial (Outer Banks, NC)?

    There is a Facebook page called “Oregon Inlet Idiots” that is worth a look if you want a laugh…
  2. Max tow max tow max tow.

    No, no, no I want the new 3.8. For the price their asking I was thinking that they bored out the cylinders and did some head work…should be good for an additional 30 ponies!
  3. Max tow max tow max tow.

    3.8 liter!!! I want that
  4. Driving in sand tutorial (Outer Banks, NC)?

    ^^^ I’m sorry to have to say this but the sand on OBX, is some of the softest sand known to man and not comparable to sand anywhere else. I’ve driven in Pismo beach, Great sand Dunes NP, the Sahara, the Namib desert and a place or three in the Middle East and nothing compares to the OBX sand...
  5. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Rear Sliders, Hoop & Snorkel

    Love the idea of the rear step for the JTR. Please let us know when they’re available…
  6. Must have options from factory?

    I would get (and did) the factory led lighting. Imho they are the best OEM lights on the market and I have not seen any better aftermarket. I also like the factory auxiliary switches. Not only do you get the switches but you also get the pre-wired pigtails both in the cab and in the engine bay...
  7. Where is the hands free microphone?

    OK I was able to figure it out… On page 451 it shows that the speakerphone is in fact located above the mirror. Unfortunately I have my Kenwood HAM radio remote head mounted there as well. At least I know where to shout at now!
  8. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    ^^^ Actually there isn’t a fridge slide. The fridge can be accessed directly were it sits from either the tailgate or the right side. My wife is short and this allows the best access for her. It works amazingly well. the fridge (and most other items) are secured to aircraft tracks that I...
  9. Where is the hands free microphone?

    I looked and haven’t seen it. I don’t have the adaptive cc…
  10. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    I looked at the weights of the Falkens and they are HEAVY! When these wear out I’ll be going to 285/75R17 KO2’s E load rating and I will actually save about 16 pounds doing so And get a heavier load rated taller tire to boot.
  11. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    As far as the truck itself we did two things which were documented on the forum previously. We added a 17 gallon auxiliary fuel tank and a pair of 1000# Airlift airbags to help manage the weight.. Speaking of weight… OK the moment of truth has arrived! One of the primary concerns was weight so...
  12. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    In the front we haven’t done much except to add a Kenwood HAM radio with a remote head and a Garmin InReach.
  13. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    In the back we did a rear seat delete and are using 4 FrontRunner boxes to store our clothes, camera gear etc. between the boxes we have our day packs. In the rear of the area we have some Maxtrax and our 2 camp chairs.. Behind the drivers seat is another first aid kit And fire element fire...
  14. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    In the back you can see several things that we did. At the very front is a 30 gallon water tank which may seem like a lot and most of the time we will only carry 10 gallons or so but if we know we’re going to stay someplace for an extended time we have the capability to carry more. In front of...
  15. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    I bought the Rubicon specifically for the reason that I would not have to change much to go where I want to go. I believe that the Jeep Engineers did a pretty good job and certainly know better than me when it comes to automotive engineering so I have left the rig pretty much as I ordered it...
  16. Meet SHERPAH my overland rig

    I built the Gladiator to specifically take us well off the beaten tracks and to be able to stay out for an extended length of time. In the following posts I’ll highlight some of the things I’ve done to it but here she is getting ready for our shakedown trip to Colorado and Utah coming up in a...
  17. Where is the hands free microphone?

    I have had people comment that they can hardly hear me when using the hands free option. If I knew where the microphone was located I could at least try and speak into it. Does anyone have any other suggestions to improve the conversations? Thanks.
  18. Anyone using a Dc to Dc charger for a second battery?

    I have just completed my Glad overland build in my Rubicon. I have a Redarc 1240 BCDC charging a 100 AH BattleBorn battery and so far I’m really liking the performance. The real test will be starting a week from today when we leave for a 3 week trip to the high mountains of Colorado (doing the...
  19. Air Lift airbags install

    I installed the Airlift bags in my JTR and am happy with the results. I had a set of the 5000# bags on my F-350 for years and they have never failed me as well
  20. Getting into an accident while parked

    I would talk to her dad and give hime 2 options: A- pay for an inspection of the truck and buy a new wheel (that way you get a matching wheel for your spare!) or B - submit a claim to your insurance company so that they go after him… I bet he’ll pick A!