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  1. Anyone Here Running BFG 39x13.50 KM3's?

    rugged ridge
  2. High mileage diesels?

    We’ve got several 2019 eco rams approaching 100k and 2 above 115k which means they’re being sold soon. I don’t stay on top of everything but the only time at dealers to my knowledge so far has been two DPFs 5 DEF issues and one leak thats not bad enough that we care to be without it. biggest...
  3. AdvanTEC Axle

    it’s affecting some bronco rears also
  4. Gupton Motors up to 8% below invoice

    it’s fine. Renee will likely be the one to do 100% of your deal since you will have financing complete and Daniel has plenty to do on Saturdays
  5. DEF tank only lasted ~2,800 miles per computer

    9600 miles for me. 1/2 tank remaining. Full from dealer plus Ive added two boxes. consumption has slowed a bit IMO. 22.8 mpg on 39s
  6. 37’s on eco diesel, mpg hit?

    I get about 22.5 combined on 39s. the biggest hit on mpg comes from how fast you mash the skinny pedal and whether or not your drive faster than about 72.
  7. Jeep: give us a new power plant!

    If you’re interested in a truck going ridiculously fast, check out Rivian R1T! I got to ride along in one last week. I changed my order to the R1S which is the SUV so I won’t have it to April or so but man I’m excited to get it. it’s as fast as I ever would care to go in any vehicle
  8. 2021 Gladiator Maintenance/Reliability

    8500 miles. 6000 of those on 39s. Zero problems and 22.8mpg combined
  9. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    love that color. Beadlocks ring sets it off
  10. BFGoodrich KM3 Backorder wait

    I waited4 months for my 39s
  11. Napkin Math...

    I bought a lot of diesel rated Quaker state for $3.50/qt and there are generic oil filters finally for $28. Every 15k needs a fuel filter swap but a diy oil change costs me $64 with tax
  12. Napkin Math...

    most of the v6 JTs get 14-15 on 37s that’s 50% better fuel mileage 100kmiles at 14.5 mpg x $3 = $20,0689 100k @ 21.5 mpg = $13,953 the diesel absolutely pays for itself on big tires and will likely retain more resale value over time
  13. Diesel or Gasser... Which to order?

    my ears were burning haha i can’t say any else and this tech is 5 years out but I just got out of a conference call where printed films with hydrogen occupied a lot of the time. Sounds way better than batteries for scaled energy production. i get excite all the time because life is starting...
  14. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    the renderings rarely match the jeeps
  15. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Did you look at the first page of this thread?
  16. Parts prices...UP 15-25%... what's going on!

    I waited a long time (4.5 months) to get my method wheels and 39s. When they came in the price I paid for the wheels $900 and tires $1400 was $700 less than they charged someone for the exact same setup that came in to order something else but changed his mind upon seeing mine
  17. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS