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  1. Kenda Klevers 35/10.50/17 and rough country lift

    Can we get a shot from the front? I’d like to see the tire width in practice.
  2. Need Round Grill Guard Lights

    For mid-bar and high-bar options like you’ve got, I’ve seen people mount the lights directly to the bumper under the bar. You may not even need a bracket. I think Daylighters are a great option and they do have an LED version.
  3. Drive-in movie debacle

    My wife doesn’t understand why I always want to be close to the front… because it gets small in a hurry as you move back!
  4. Stock Tires on Sport S Max Tow

    I think I sold mine with wheels for $250. Glad to have the space back in my garage.
  5. Drive-in movie debacle

    Not a bad idea if you’ve got one. 👍 The two times we’ve gone, we leave the top at home so getting sound hasn’t been an issue. With the top on, I don’t think you’d get very good sound through the back window.
  6. Drive-in movie debacle

    How many boats have a catalytic converter versus cars (honest question since I don’t know)? Seems to me a typical boat motor would be considerably more dangerous than a car engine, though. It was easy for me to find boat warnings online. Couldn’t say the same for open pickup beds. That all...
  7. Drive-in movie debacle

    We’re sitting in an open bed. How are we going to get carbon monoxide poisoning? We do have such a box. I’d just rather not have to rely on it.
  8. Drive-in movie debacle

    We go to the drive-in several times per year and twice since we bought the gladiator. We don’t have halos, but the other forward-facing lights can be turned off in the settings menu on the head unit. We always leave the engine running to avoid running down the battery so keeping the stereo...
  9. MY22 color wish list

    They would sell a metric sh!t ton if they did that.
  10. MY22 color wish list

    I’m happy with my Gobi, but I do think Punkn was also discontinued way too soon. That’s the only splashy color I’m drawn to. As for new colors, I think they should go with hot pink like the new Wrangler, but only because my 7-year old daughter has stated she wants a pink Gladiator when she...
  11. What do you lose if you don't get leather?

    This is the one major advantage to leather that I can think of.
  12. What do you lose if you don't get leather?

    I had a car with dark grey leather seats in college. I got into the habit of leaving a notebook on the seat so it wouldn’t be scorching whenever I got out of class. That was the last dark leather I ever owned. I’ve done tan leather or cloth seats, but no dark leather ever again. I don’t get why...
  13. What are the best auxiliary driving lights?

    I’ve been pulled over before for failing to dim my high beams when I should have. Probably my own fault for not paying attention and I was let off with a warning, but it can and does happen.
  14. 4000+ miles this summer - The Gladiator Is The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle For Me

    We just wrapped a 10-state, 3-week trip. The truck handled it flawlessly. Traveled over 5k miles and 140 hours in the driver’s seat. 👍
  15. Which hitch skid plate?

    Just got back from Moab with a Body Armor hitch skid. I got it mostly to save my bumper. The lower departure angle just means more clearance for the bumper. Plus it makes departing at less than a perpendicular more forgiving. I did t get a scratch on anything but the skid plate so it did it’s job.
  16. What are the best auxiliary driving lights?

    Yes, same here (also in Texas). I’m definitely looking to stay street legal. I can always add additional high-powered lights later if I’ll be off pavement.
  17. What are the best auxiliary driving lights?

    Thanks for all the responses. I should add that I have standard headlights, but I’ve upgraded the bulbs to LED. The low beams are great, but we’re blinding people so I angled them down a bit more and we’re in business. I’m very pleased with the low beams. Plus when I upgraded my bumper it came...
  18. What are the best auxiliary driving lights?

    I’m not looking to replace my existing headlights, but my high beams are pretty weak. So I’m looking to add a pair of driving lights on my winch guard that I can tie into the high beams. The KC Hilites Gravity Pro 6 seem like a decent option, but does anyone have experience with them? And what...
  19. Baby friendly Gladiator build!?

    FWIW, my (just barely) 2-yr old daughter fell asleep in the back seat while on Fins and Things in Moab. Like rocking the cradle, I guess.