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  1. 2022 Rumors?

    All I saw as far as the JT was the SARGE JT already posted.
  2. 2022 Rumors?

    I didn’t see much except a Texas Trail as far as JTs go. The new Compass was there, didn’t bother to look at it. I looked at the e new Tundra and was underwhelmed. The TremorF150 however is a darn nice truck and would be my choice for a full size.
  3. 2022 Jeep Gladiator Order Banks & Production Start Dates

    Hope Hydro sticks. My guess is Jeep moves from military shades towards light gray and bright or metallic shades.
  4. 2022 Jeep Gladiator Order Banks & Production Start Dates

    Made it this long, no reason I can’t wait a couple more weeks. Will all be worth it if I can order a Gray Freedom edition with the diesel.
  5. 2022 Rumors?

    The Texas State Fair is about to start. I’ll let you guys know what I see. Likely the new Tundra will be there.
  6. So disappointed in this Diesel platform; wish there was a return policy.

    Some people have recommended letting the vehicle idle for a minute or two after parking to let the turbo drain and cool down.
  7. Can't Order 2021 anymore according to Local Sales manager...2022 orders still TBD.

    The build and price tool usually runs well behind what is updated in the monthly order guide thread here in the forums.
  8. Can't Order 2021 anymore according to Local Sales manager...2022 orders still TBD.

    I’m willing to pay more for Earl Gray and hopefully LEDs and safety 1 package comes standard on Rubicon.
  9. Private Bonus Cash Offer of $1,750

    It’s a marketing ploy and is typically tied to zip codes with competitive brands in the are. Email looks like below. I’ve gotten mailers as well.
  10. Private Bonus Cash Offer of $1,750

    That’s it. Request a brochure be mailed as well.
  11. 2022 Rumors?

    Your right, I don’t give two crudes about most of what you find important and that’s cool. Everyone has choices. A true Jeeper or hard core off-roader won’t think twice about the Frontier. TBH, In my ownership experiences, I have found Jeep and Nissan to both have terrible dealer networks. In...
  12. Private Bonus Cash Offer of $1,750

    Signing up for updates on and selecting buying within 30 days can trigger.
  13. 2022 Rumors?

    I was super impressed with the 5 in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L I drove. Very responsive.
  14. Jeep acknowledges big demand for 392 Gladiator V8

    Texas State Fair Auto Show is this month. I’ll let you guys know what I see and pics if something new is there. Jeep and Ram are always there.
  15. 2022 Rumors?

    Let's see what those "2" cross shoppers get, which will likely turn the two into 20,000 within a year. Point being is that Jeep is going to have to step up their game for 22 with the 22 Frontier, and 23 redesigns of the Tacoma and Ranger due soon . 22 Frontier Pro4X for $38,635 (including...
  16. 2022 Rumors?

    I would expect safety package 1 becomes standard on Sport S and above. The 22 Frontier Pro4X has a lot of standard features under 40k for cross shoppers.
  17. 2022 Rumors?

    Just give me good news. Thanks for bringing me up to speed.
  18. 2022 Jeep Gladiator Order Banks & Production Start Dates

    Still waiting, lol. I am really hoping on the Earl color. I’ll hit the Dallas show at the State Fair, it’s usually decent.
  19. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    He’s saying Willys and Texas Trail still get MTs. I think if you add cold weather package and diesel it changes to ATs though.l (last I looked).