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  1. Ohio Back Half of Hard top (no glass)

    I have for sale the back half of my old hard top. This was damaged while fixing the leaking back window and they replaced it with a new one. There is no glass or plastic trim for the inside top portion. There is some scratches and a knick where the glass set in. I am looking to do a pass...
  2. Newbie question here... Should my spare be the same expensive wheel and tire as the rest?

    I just went through this. I needed a spare tire and I am running 38's. They do not recommend running a 38 on a 8" rim witch is what the factory spare is. I ended up getting a matching rim. Discount tire gave me a good deal on it so that helped ease the pain a bit. Now I have decided to go with...
  3. Got New Rear Window and They Chipped My Top

    I was told that this lip is the problem with getting the glass out without damaging the top. They said it took him over an hour to cut it out again.
  4. Rain today

    I use my cover any time my top and doors are off and its going to be parked for a while like at work to keep the sun from beating the tar out of my interior. I have also pulled over and tossed it on until a storm has passed. There are also a lot of days where there is a few hour window of rain...
  5. Rain today

    I had the Mopar and now the rain Gear. The Mopar worked well but was to light. I had a hard time getting it on in the wind by myself. It refused to stay in place long enough for me to get it secured to the truck. Rain Gear cover work much gooder in the wind if your by yourself.
  6. Got New Rear Window and They Chipped My Top

    Well almost 5 mounts later and I finally have my chipped up hard top issue fixed. The insurance company sent me a check for $937 and refused to pay for a new top. The dealers body shop manager went ahead and ordered a new top for me and told me that they would fight it out on who pays the...
  7. What do u have coming in the mail?

    I had a bit of trouble with AAL as well. They fixed it for me pretty fast. I think they are having problems getting workers or keeping them.
  8. Ohio Fender Retention Clips

    I now have 20 more clips after doing the rear fenders. Let me know if you need some.
  9. Bestop-How about this type of top for the Gladiator?

    Not exactly. More like this. Not sure my rendering skills are up to par:CWL:. Maybe Bestop can send this down to the boys in production.
  10. Bestop-How about this type of top for the Gladiator?

    I’d much rather see a soft top that zips or slides into a bed soft top for an extended camper area.
  11. Jeep Acronym?

    Jerks Exercising Everyones Patience ... you know who you are;)
  12. More Bump Stop?

    I am running the Rock Krawler 3" Pro X with Milestar P 38x13.5. RK recommends 3" bumpstop with 4.5" of back spacing. I am not truly sure what my American Outlaw Hollywood's back spacing is. I bet not 4.5":crying: I was on a guided trail ride with Off Road Consulting. They wanted me to get more...
  13. More Bump Stop?

    Took the JT to Rausch Creek last weekend and my tires got into my AAL inner fenders a bit. They also made light contact with my front bumper. I don't plan on keeping the bumper forever and I have no problems just cutting a 1/2" off the ends. I am new to most of this but what I think is going...
  14. Drummond Island MI and Rausch Creek PA

    Got home yesterday from our trip to PA. 1st stop was Elk county to check on the elk heard. Then off to Cherry Springs State Park for the star gazing. We had a perfect night for it. You can see so many stars there with the dark skies they have. Then 2 days at Rausch Creek. Day 1 was a private...
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Finally got my AAL rear inner fenders on. Took a bit for them to ship and once they did they forgot half of the hardware:crying:. No big deal. They sent me some out fairly quick and they tossed in a bunch more than I needed. Now I have plenty of extras for further use if need be. Also rotated...
  16. What did you WINCH with your Gladiator today?

    Been there done that. JD walk behind. Plop plop fizz fizz. Slope looks about the same. Nice job helping a guy out.
  17. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    The wife lady and I drove up to Drummond Island last week. We did all the trails there except one half of the Tank Traps. I was looking to avoid that area all together but of course we ended up going through about half of it before we could find a spot to get my big pig turned around in...
  18. Clicking noise from drag link normal?

    The link on my JT is loose. The link on my wife ladies JL is loose. Go to the dealer after hours. They are all loose.
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I've been looking for a weld on product but cant find what I am looking for.