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  1. OMG the I4 sucks so bad.

    Oh I bet the I4 is quicker but it doesn't drive nearly as well and the 48v etorque motor really is annoying esp with the cabin open. Sounds like an RC car.
  2. OMG the I4 sucks so bad.

    Diesel is fine until it overheats and goes Chernobyl. Against the I4 the V6 isn't going to produce as much torque on paper but it's still a significantly better choice in real life IMO. The I4 is the worst engine choice on the options.
  3. OMG the I4 sucks so bad.

    Well no. I never expected that or anything. I never even considered the I4 until it showed up in my rental. Then I was forced to consider it and its way to much turbo lag to be desirable around town. Someone somewhere out there will love this thing and that's fine but it ain't me.
  4. OMG the I4 sucks so bad.

    I'm just glad my tenure with this is limited to days not years. Between the turbo and etorque assist, wouldn't want to own or drive this thing long term. The Pentastar isn't world beating by any means but it's significantly smoother even if less power. Power via turbo lag isn't worth a damn...
  5. OMG the I4 sucks so bad.

    Driving around Sedona AZ in a JLUR I4 etorque thingamajig. Once going the manners are fine. But compared to the V6 there's so much lag off the line. Driven too many German I4 from VW to Audi to BMW to ever want that kind of experience in a Jeep. There's SO much lag off the line. Then it...
  6. Where is the Gladiator 1 touch top option?!

    Rented a JLUR on Turo in Sedona. Has the 1 touch top option. Never seen this. With as infrequently as I remove the back and as often as people put racks on which make back removal difficult at best, a one touch option would be awesome. @JeepCares
  7. MPG at 95 mph.... sorta

    I have no qualms over the brutal mileage I get. Highway cruise speed usually 80-85.
  8. Sport S black wheels. How to dull finish?

    I am no paint expert but I don't think that works.
  9. Confession

    Same instructions they hand out at fertility clinics
  10. RCI bed rack with Roll'n'Lock tonneau

    My Yeti 24 doesn't really fit under my BakFlip which sits higher than that roller cover does. Can make it work if it's in the middle but it would bow. It's close on my Yeti 65. Similarly a Diamond bucket of baseballs is a bit taller than the BakFlip would like. So my question is on that Roll...
  11. Music in your Gladiator

    Actually, the joy is in the truck not in music. Also, the J.O.Y is the first initial of myself, my wife, and my kid.
  12. Carbon fiber interior trims

  13. Carbon fiber interior trims

    How do the vent covers work?
  14. What did you pay for your GLADIATOR?

    Sticker was 49,500, paid ~42k for Overland
  15. Music in your Gladiator

    Rarely (basically never) listen to music when driving. Done plenty of long drives from SF to Vegas and Los Angeles and Oregon... nothing.
  16. Updated Steering - Not so Updated

    psi dead on what? factory specs are rather stiff and most tires will benefit from being lower pressure. easy to drop 5psi and see if anything changes. part of the higher pressure is for mpg ratings.
  17. Front grille camera for matte black

    Sorry, for some reason I read it as it was still on order, never mind
  18. Front grille camera for matte black

    No, order the factory installed trailcam.