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  1. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Anyone who actually likes IPAs has a condition requiring medical correction
  2. One Year Later......

    Recently went back to a more stock tire size so it doesn’t loom like much is done. july 2019 Last week
  3. How to level my gladiators front end

    I thought the 1.5in front spacers brought it to level. my fist kit was 1.5in front and 3/4in rear spacers. Looked great and had just the slightest rake so when you loaded the bed a bit it didn’t squat like a pooping dog.
  4. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Im optimistic but I doubt well surpass the “what did you do TO your gladiator today” thread lol
  5. Max tow max tow max tow.

    A little Salty are ya? the Jt is absolutely a tow truck. Many people do it very happily, and without gripes or complaints. All towing experience is anecdotal and obviously yours is what it is. there are also major differences in opinion based on geography/state. I am at a camp site right now...
  6. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    My wife looked at me cross eyed as I giggled like a toddler to this one hahaha And then when i showed her and yelled “khaaaannnnnnn!” While shaking my fists…she called me a nerd and got me a beer. total and complete win
  7. Headlight and DRL Indicator Not Illuminating on Dash

    I’ll have to look but I think the only indicator I have on my dash for lights is the fog lights and the highbeams… I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed any indicator just saying the regular drls, or headlights, are on. Other than when the dash dims and they turn on with the auto setting. Good...
  8. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    This thread reads like a kurt vonnegut novel haha lots of random twists and turns and ya really gotta stay focused to keep on the main topic. And despite how you felt when it started, it exceeded expectations!
  9. 5” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay?

    Best of luck! if its cheap and feasible id jump at it. Its less than likely youll see a meaningful upgrade to the radio software without a cost associated. And even then it’s usually something dumb they should have fixed anyway. plus with the whole semiconductor shortage im wondering if you...
  10. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Growing up my grand father would make a pear pie with fruit from one of our trees. It was absolutely the best pie i have ever had He planted a new fruit tree for every grand child and would always make us stuff from them. Eventually the trees stopped fruiting so the pies have stopped. But its...
  11. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    You joined less than 24hrs ago. I think the decision is yet to be made as to what and who you are good sir.:movember:
  12. 5” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay?

    Not entirely sure on compatibility but a handful of 7in radios have come up in the forums sale section over the last couple months. I bet if you wated for after a couple holidays youd see one for sale. edit: here is one in the audio section for sale now...
  13. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Why pie is better than cake some light reading Also…does anyone really put a slice of cheese on their pie? Ive always sorta wondered what it tastes like…aside from apples and cheese.
  14. Seeking opinions on towing this TT with a Max Tow

    Im in a wilf pup 18toBL love this thing with me+wife+2 kids+2 dogs
  15. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    adding a cold air intake will add horsepower and torque, aswell as MPG. Especially when combined with higher octane fuel and LED bulbs in halogen housings. Sources -trust me bro -my brothers a mechanic -ive seen it -google says so -it wont void warranty
  16. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    no way! We’re just extra welcoming.