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  1. (Doug DeMuro Review) Here's Why the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Is the Hottest New Truck

    Yes, you can compare. I can compare an apple to an orange if I want to. The Raptor and the Gladiator have similar purposes in that they are both meant for heavy off road usage. They also have similar pricing (in the Rubicon range). Jeep even knows this, which is why they’ve got the Mohave...
  2. New Spy Shots, But of What?

    I"m just glad it was NOT the rumored Hercules. I might have kicked myself for buying a Raptor if Jeep has released a Hemi powered Gladiator.
  3. Jeep Gladiator Mojave Edition! [Updated With Live Pics and Chassis/Suspension Breakdown]

    WOW! This may be the best special edition Jeep has ever made. Very nice.
  4. Gladiator vs F250

    I seriously looked at an F250 for about 60 seconds. I was done looking when I saw it was 250 inches long. That's 19 inches longer than the Raptor I bought and about 10 inches longer than the big bay in my garage. With the hail storms around here, my non negotiable rule is that any vehicle must...
  5. Discussion: 2020 Ford Raptor or 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    Parking in the garage is no joke. It won't fit in the main bay at all. I had to clean the garage and rearrange everything to open up the longer, 3rd bay. Even then I've got 3" of clearance on each side and about 6" to spare in length. (insert double entendre here).
  6. Discussion: 2020 Ford Raptor or 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    There are plenty of trails I can take it on. And we have a JLU for the others. Close to me are Switzerland trail, Kingston peak, argentine trail, etc., etc.. But, you are correct about trail rash. I am interested in some of the paint protection solutions out there like clear vinyl wraps. I’d...
  7. Discussion: 2020 Ford Raptor or 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    Forgive me Gladiator Gods for I have sinned. But sinning is fun. I pulled the trigger. I traded my wife's unmodded JLU Sport. She's talking over my modded JLU (which she loves). I promised her she could get it wrapped Army Green. But low and behold, the day after Christmas, i will close the...
  8. Gladiator vs Tacoma IMO

    It was Sunday so they were closed. However they had no markup sticker on it. It's the Larry H Miller dealer in Boulder, CO and they have a reputation for markups, but they also put a markup sticker on the vehicle when they do so. And remember, just because it's marked up doesn't mean you have...
  9. Discussion: 2020 Ford Raptor or 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    I get that man. It’s not for everyone. For me it’s the extra space, high performance, and off road prowess that are attractive. But mostly, it’s the room. I want to take our son and dogs out camping with us and the Gladiator is pushing the limits there. On the flipside, that same space is a...
  10. Gladiator vs Tacoma IMO

    I’ve been out truck shopping and saw the Army Green TRD Pro yesterday. That is a DAMN good looking color. I’ve never been a fan of the current Tacoma’s looks but Army Green makes it acceptable to me. This one had an automatic and zero options for just under $48000. That’s several thousand less...
  11. Discussion: 2020 Ford Raptor or 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    ARRRRRRGGGGG! I’m back to looking at Raptors again. The dealer has a 2019, stickered at just under $70K, that they’re offering fr $63500. I also found a gently used 2018 (15Kmiles) for $60000. I have to admit, these things hold their value quite well.
  12. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    Blue just isn't a good color to conceal dirt. My Ocean Blue JLU constantly needs washing because I off road it all the time.
  13. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    Yesterday, I finally got to see a Hydro Blue Rubicon, with matching fenders and roof, in person. I was looking at a Gator and Gobi with the same options when the Hydro Blue drove up behind me. It just looked so damn awesome. I’m sold. That’s the color I’ve got to get.
  14. Cost of AUX Switch Installation

    He’s right that the uConnect has to be flashed. The behavior of the aux switches are configured there. One thing you could consider is an alternative switching solution for controlling auxiliary devices. They are not as nicely integrated as the Aux switches but some can positioned anywhere and...
  15. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    Redneck Engineering at its finest.
  16. Diesel announcement timing

    My friends third cousin's uncle's best friend overheard the Walmart cashier getting information from a customer buying six cases of redbull and maddog 2020.
  17. Diesel announcement timing

    There is one board member that claims he was told his Wrangler has shipped.
  18. Rumors on upcoming colors?

    What took so long.
  19. First time ride in snow/ice

    Man, this last winter storm was a butt whoppin' but my JLU did great on 35" Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws.
  20. Rumors on upcoming colors?

    There is little bit of a difference here. Hella Yella was announced at the launch. It was just delayed in production but the first ones were delivered about eight months after production started. So far we've seen no announcements on new colors. The fella that posted the Green with Envy color is...