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  1. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    This build is BADASS! (Thanks Captain Obvious) I'm in it to win it..................
  2. Rock Rails Thread

    I like the clean look of those, looks super sharp. The Gladiator seems to be happy w/ all the kids crawling on it HaHa
  3. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    Unfreakin' real - gives me a chill.. wow, that is amazing
  4. Rock Rails Thread

    Wondering the same - for me, I'm looking at the EVO bomber rockers, these patriot sliders from Rockhard, or Rusty's. Out of these I believe only the Rusty's sliders are true frame mounted though.
  5. Rock Rails Thread

    The granite crystal w/ those Abrams wheels and the patriot sliders look awesome man - tasty choice!
  6. Rock Rails Thread

    [email protected] Hey, Anthony - just circling back on the JT rock rails / steps (frame mounted version) just wondering if are these still in the works.. still coming? Thanks!
  7. Metalcloak lift

    A couple of my arms had some similar marring in few spots.. forget who I was speaking with out there at MC (before I ordered), we were talking about their zinc coating treatment process, and whoever it was said something about how it was possible for this to happen during one of their tooling...
  8. Metalcloak lift

    Thanks sass jt, much appreciated
  9. Metalcloak lift

    @tech teacher thank you very much, I was wondering about the width of the opening in terms of that weld and front edge area - this is a huge help sire.. thank you again.
  10. Metalcloak lift

    @bcunning82 & @techteacher Congrats on the MC installs - getting ready to do mine but would like to ask a favor if possible, since you both just stepped thru the process. Would you guys mind shooting me a pic of the final opening you ground out of the window pocket and the rough measurements /...
  11. My Warn Tube doors arrived...

    I LIKEY!
  12. Rock Rails Thread

    Can't really find anything on it either as a product offering - but I can see in this image, looks like they do provide more of a step than the standard rubi rails or the mopar ones ... maybe?
  13. Rock Rails Thread

    Ditto: Watched the RockHard install video, and they do seem like they are super strong and well thought out, can be used for multiple jack points.. and people have nothing but high praise. Decisions :p
  14. Giveaway of the Month - June 2020 - JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension RockSport Edition

    Hey, Metalcloak - first off a BIG thank you for popping in like this, and welcome! Your legendary products obviously speak for themselves, I would love to become a part of the 'cloaked nation' and take this offroad journey to the next level. [email protected] or...
  15. Rock Rails Thread

    *Ps. also still pondering the Rockhard ones... but definitely digging the Rusty's ... :p
  16. Rock Rails Thread

    I think these look great - and I really want frame mounted, just don't know if I could bring myself to drill 6 holes into the frame on each side looks like.. guess I'm just squeamish. That's why I wanted so badly to wait for the roam frame mounted ones, originally pitched as no drilling...
  17. Metalcloak lift

    DirtyD.. (I like that haha) Yep - I went with the RockSports as well, gonna try them out, see how they do. The rears had been on backorder for quite a while, just got that set in a couple days ago. Now for wheels and tires.
  18. Metalcloak lift

    sass JT - thank you very much! Bits and pieces of this have been rolling around in my head as I've stared at my rig in the driveway, trying to picture what this operation would actually net me (aired up - aired down etc) But this was explained in such a way that even I can understand Lol...