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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    did you have to lay the front windshield down for this install?
  2. To LED upgrade or not LED...that should never be a question. un concerned if its a jerk move. I put in Headlight Revolution LED plug and play lights and have never been happier with my lights. Never gotten a complaint or even flashed at for them being "too bright". To each their own but HLR was the best bang for my buck.
  3. Got rear ended today

    Rest up and enjoy your digital detox
  4. Left Ambient Light knob not working

    my bad then, its hard to get intended emotions from text. :fist bump:
  5. Left Ambient Light knob not working

    %100 not helpful...of course i read that. Doesnt mean there isnt ANY other option. keep your shade to your self friend.
  6. Left Ambient Light knob not working

    Im no electrical expert but im wondering if there is a simple LED light we can just add to the circuit to add the foot well lights to sport models...if the wiring and circuit exists it makes sense to me that it would be possible.
  7. School me on sway bars

    Funny, just got a pair on ebay! Ill give em a shot before looking at adjustable ones. Have you noticed any real difference? Or is it pretty much just geometry correction. Yea I have the sport S max tow springs. Waiting for AEV or Old Man Emu to make a stiff towing lift setup.
  8. School me on sway bars

    Thanks! Yea I have no real plans to go off roading with this. Made that mistake with my JKU...destroyed my front drive shaft on a trail and had to pull it out to drive 3 hours home then park the JK while i waited for a replacement. Not doing that to this truck. I would however like to remove a...
  9. School me on sway bars

    Some of the videos I watched painted the picture that the sway bar helps with body roll. Would making the bar higher decrease the body roll closer to OEM after a lift? That part about the extra rears...GENIUS!
  10. School me on sway bars

    I think ive learned a good bit from googling, watching videos, and reading what I can find about sway bars. But i feel like I know just enough to be dangerous. So my question is does the JT need a new front sway bar? It seems pretty good already. What is the point of adjustable disconnects...
  11. Quadratec warning

    Im wondering if its just a system wide supply issue. Customer service problems aside
  12. 2021 Bronco

    actually pretty interested in this. We love my wife's grand cherokee but she had an old school bronco as her first car. Would be cool to have it again.
  13. Delaware Alloy USA / Daystar Spacers

    no sorry, they sold yesterday
  14. Raptor Liner bedliner install

    Looks nice. I was actually pondering using a kit like that on my fenders
  15. Quadratec warning

    Meh, to each their own. Ive used quadratec for years and a hiccup with Stock and delivery during a crazy time wont stop me. find what you want at a price your willing to pay. If you find it elsewhere, outstanding for you! What matters is you got your parts. happy shopping folks.:rock:
  16. Alignment Issue

    true! Good point
  17. Suggestions for repairing cosmetic trail damage dents???

    amen! I learned that lesson after taking my JkU off road and destroying my front drive shaft. it was my daily driver...i had to remove the front shaft to drive home.
  18. A completely lost newbie here - Please help with wheels / tires replacement choice!

    My truck with 285/70/17 on stock rubicon take off rims. It has the 1.5in front spacers and the 3/4in rear spacers.
  19. A completely lost newbie here - Please help with wheels / tires replacement choice!

    I didn’t do measurements but by sight the 1.5in spacers kit on front springs only made it perfectly level. I added the 3/4in rear spacers because it didnt change the actual appearance, but added a little rake so my bed didnt sag with weight in it. Rake also helps a bit with mpg (as far asI know)...
  20. A completely lost newbie here - Please help with wheels / tires replacement choice!

    Sorry to bombard ya. You can message with discount tire directly here on the forum and the rep will get you all set up. Make sure to look around the web once you find your tire. Discount tire will beat any price!