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  1. Jeep Places in Top 11 of JD Powers Initial Quality Survey

    It was worth the 4 month wait.
  2. Replacing Air Filter

    I'll try again soon, and loosen hose clamp as Bill suggested. Guess i didn't try hard enough as i was worried i'd break something. Thank you
  3. Replacing Air Filter

    This sounds stupid but after a really dusty trail ride i decided to inspect air filter--tried to remove it but couldn't. Per manual i loosened the 4 screws, only one of them came out, the others apparently stay in no matter how much you unscrew them. I was not able to remove cover, only was...
  4. Mopar Catback Exhaust on JT

    I had mine done at a CA Jeep dealer.
  5. 2020 Gladiator Mojave Window Sticker and Hands-On Comparison vs Rubicon

    Can't we just replace Rubicon shocks with 2.5" Fox shocks? What would be required, is that possible?
  6. 2020 Gladiator Mojave Window Sticker and Hands-On Comparison vs Rubicon

    They've shut the entire beach now to vehicles. I took mine on hardpack, but didn't want to take a chance in the Dunes. Glad to hear it worked well.
  7. Mopar Sun Bonnet for 2020 Gladiator JT

    I took delivery in August and purchased the sun bonnet soon after. I also had a problem attaching front clips (small ones on sides)--never was able to, but not a big deal. Another frustrating problem is that the mopar rollbar strap handles do not seem to be compatible with the bonnet. There...
  8. ❤️ 419 and Jeep Grille Easter eggs

    OK this is definitely my favorite, and a surprise long delayed. Just confirmed i have these on my non-LED Rubicon headlamps. (Almost a year after ordering mine, and seven months after delivery.)
  9. Jeep "Groundhog Day" Superbowl Commercial! [Updated With Extended Directors Cut]

    I missed the first 20 mins of the game so thanks for confirming i didn't miss the live version yet (of course we've all seen the youtube but it's nice to see live). Thought for sure it would be at halftime i guess not. More people probably watching toward end.
  10. The most shocking thing I hate about my Gladiator......

    now i'm glad I got can always put some kind of insulating cover over the cloth, or hook yourself up to more trail lights
  11. For Those with a Manual... Care to Comment?

    I did not like the manual in my Rubicon JT very much until I got the mopar catback exhaust mod. That simple job totally changed the experience, improving low-end torque and the extra noise helps with shifting in first gear.
  12. Maximus-3 trifecta of rack solutions for the Jeep Gladiator

    How is the overland rack installed? Any drilling of bed required, or will it work with the factory trail rail system? Compatible with Decked drawers?
  13. Favorite modification? (Fun thread)

    No but i'm told Mopar is about midrange in noise. I didn't get it to make loud noise--i just wanted enough noise to help me engage first (manual). It does a great job, just right, not too much noise. And definitely more horsepower and low-end torque.
  14. Favorite modification? (Fun thread)

    Mopar catback exhaust
  15. Storage sucks, whats available

    There must be a small tent out there that will fit on top of Decked, perhaps with tailgate open and a support underneath. On short camping trips the Decked drawers plus cab will be sufficient storage space. Plus with a regular tent (not specially made for truck bed) you have the option of just...
  16. Buyer's Remorse

    Use it to help other people.
  17. Gladiator manual transmission crunch sound / noise when shifting

    The problem with first gear is the engine's too quiet. Get catback exhaust mod and you will enjoy the manual. More low-end torque and a bit more noise.
  18. Cutting the hood for cold air intake

    Mopar system coming out in December also requires cutting hood.
  19. Mopar Catback Exhaust on JT

    Discount is great if you can install yourself. I paid full retail 1395 so dealer would give me half off labor (330 not 660). Plus i got 5% back on everything by using Jeep credit card. Gladys Kardashian pic: