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  1. To LED upgrade or not LED...that should never be a question.

    I'm always interested in this mod, but it always seems like expensive AF for factory upgrade or too many unknowns going the cheaper bulb only replacement. Still waiting for that middle ground option. Since I drive around a large city at night, it has to be cost effective otherwise I'll stick...
  2. Please show me your Steps

    Anyone know a good flat black touch-up paint for flat black powder coated side steps? Already seeing a little bit of rust on the rear corners.
  3. Gladiator Sport S pricing on website

    must be a typo, when you click on the button to build a Sport S, it displays 34,218 up in the corner
  4. New Gladiator Altitude Model Joins The Lineup

    wish I could have gotten a more blacked out look on my Sport S; value aside I like the cosmetics (plus I really wanted a white JT but that wasn't in the cards)
  5. Got rear ended today

    i'm not in the know it seems... is this the thing to do? record video in the cab forwards and backwards??
  6. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    Any cliffs notes? Synopsis is easier for me in list form.
  7. Sound deadening

    just bought HotHeads, too bad because I like my Coverking products
  8. Hotheads hardtop headliner worth every penny

    sanding is apart of the HH instructions?
  9. Hotheads hardtop headliner worth every penny

    Getting me excited for my HH to arrive- hopefully they ship it this week!
  10. How to Adjust the Slop out of the Steering System (I am finally happy with my Jeep)

    same, no steering issues either, but nice to know folks are working on ideas to fix problems :like:
  11. Running boards

    i've got the RC contoured drop steps, are yours mounted with brackets too that bolted to both the step and truck? if so, shouldn't they be able to provide a powder coated replacement?
  12. Hot head headliner worth it?

    yes, the code I used was "JT10", gives 10% off the order the Memorial Day discount code is not valid
  13. Hot head headliner worth it?

    just placed an order; fingers crossed this works out better than my failed attempt at getting a bed mat!
  14. HOTHEADS headliner review

    Hotheads having a sale right now?
  15. Overpriced aftermarket parts...

    ive discovered over the years a few BMW dealers on the east coast that bucked this trend, almost like they tried to make selling parts a nice high-volume side business (Tischer is one dealer that comes to mind)
  16. Looks like Hummer wants to be like the Gladiator...

    Sometimes I miss my H3 but I'm having fun with the Gladiator these days. That GMC Hummer is going to be pretty cool, but expensive. I wasn't ready to adapt to an EV anyways.
  17. For something completely different -- How is the BT phone call quality?

    yeah I tried something along those lines for adjustment, but I wonder if the volume level is reset each time you reconnect to BT in the car. My ringer is just so loud I guess that I have to immediately turn down the volume knob because it scares the crap out of me when a call comes in LOL
  18. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    I test drove the Ranger immediately after the Gladiator at the same dealer and came away with the feeling that the Ranger needs some refinement. The engine was soooo loud that my wife practically had to shout sitting in the back seat. I don’t know if that was just the XLT we tested or what...
  19. For something completely different -- How is the BT phone call quality?

    I wish somehow I could figure out how to turn down the volume of the phone call ringer. Seems that there isn't a dedicated setting either on the radio or on an iPhone when the two are paired. Other than that, phone calls have decent clarity, so I've been told :like:
  20. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    I've come from a midsize SUV with a V8 as well, meh, I don't miss it too much. If anything, all it ever did was guzzle too much gas for my liking. Only had a 4 speed transmission too. I'm much more comfortable getting 19/20 mpg rather than 12.