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  1. Hanging Gladiator roof from garage ceiling joists?

    Here are pics of my solution. The locking rope hoists were about $10 each, some 1/4" rope, a couple 3/8" eye bolts, and a 3/4" diameter dowel cut into 4 pieces. If you already have the bike hoists, look at using the dowels and a piece of rope for the front holes.
  2. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    After every Bad and Ugly point I would just think "OK, not an issue for me, especially the comfort (and I'm 6', 200 lbs with 34" inseam); I bought a very capable off-road truck, not an Escalade." The only point I fully agreed with was the lack of a power rear slide window. BTW, they were...
  3. Tire pressure icon on dash

    I had to go to the owner's manual for this one. On my manual transmission JTR, I have to put the ignition in RUN mode (engine not running) and set the parking brake. Once the parking brake is set, I then have access to the selectable tire fill alert system. I can then change the tire fill...
  4. Spiderwebshade vs. JTopsUSA

    I've been looking at the JTopsUSA, XGCargo Magne-tek, and the Spiderwebshade. I have the hard top and only looking for a shade for the front seats, so my profile is a bit different than yours. The Spiderwebshade may be off my list based on this thread as well as some other comments I've seen...
  5. How to Adjust the Slop out of the Steering System (I am finally happy with my Jeep)

    Measured my steering wheel play last night. I'm seeing 3-3.5 degrees of steering wheel movement with no associated pitman arm movement, as measured with my digital level app on my phone. I'm going to leave mine alone for now as the "wondering" is slight. For comparison, my wife's Ford Edge ST...
  6. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    I owned an '06 Subaru Baja (turbo 5mt) before the Gladiator...guess I'm just drawn to polarizing vehicles. So far comments on my JTR have been positive, at least the comments that I hear.
  7. All Weather Slush Mats Proper Install - Duh Moment

    Picked up my Sting Gray JTR with the all weather slush mats. Got home and noticed the front mats did not appear to fit correctly. Pulled the mats and noticed the drain hole extension on the mat would not allow the floor mats to lay flush on the carpet. Closer investigation revealed partial...
  8. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    Picked up this Sting Gray JTR 6-speed yesterday. Sold my 2006 Subaru Baja turbo 5speed a couple months ago. Looking forward to the Jeep life.
  9. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    Getting close to ordering a Gobi JTR and I'm thinking about the satin black grill. I didn't find a pic on the forum so I photo shopped one, but would like to see the real thing. Anybody got one?