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  1. Hotheads hardtop headliner worth every penny

    So Hot Heads is better than MOPAR and cheaper?
  2. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    fill one up with some Toilet Paper and you've got a mobile gold mine
  3. Tow Mirrors

    I used the tow mirror adapters for a 350 mi tow this past weekend. No vibrations, worked pretty good. Until day two, my passenger side fell off and I ran over the mirror set up with my trailer. Clearly the design and engineering of this is good, as the driver stayed on. I chalk this up to the...
  4. Do I want side steps? Rock Rails? Sliders?

    I'm looking to add side steps and mud flaps. Are the MOPAR steps the same as the overland ones referenced above? Did you use MOPAR mud flaps? I'm trying to figure out what front mud flaps fit with Max Tow Package, if that makes a difference. My wife is on me to get side steps added because...
  5. Water fording question.

    Sorry, I honestly didn't mean a grammar lesson. I'm new to this, and wanted to make sure I knew the terminology.
  6. How to Adjust the Slop out of the Steering System (I am finally happy with my Jeep)

    Great video, really hits the important points of what you need to do. I love how it's a combination of metric and SAE to adjust this...:facepalm:
  7. Water fording question.

    Is it forging or fording? Honest question, I clicked on this link hoping to find something about metal working.
  8. Cloth Seat Cover Removal

    If you can get them off I'd highly recommend, you own them. At the risk of dating myself, I had a CD stuck in a player and wanted the dealer to get it (to not damage that precious $15 Bruce Springsteen CD). They just swapped the player and charged me $400 and gave me my CD back. To this day I...
  9. Bed rack/storage for kayaks

    I read through this forum and didn't see anything that met my needs, so apologies in advance if I missed it. I have two kayaks, 10 ft and 13 ft Old Town Loons. I also have two sets of Thule Hull-a-Ports ( from...
  10. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    I really like this. I told my wife the ultimate Gladiator accessory is a WWII Jeep and sent her a picture from this thread. She was both interested and annoyed at the same time, it was amazing!
  11. Tow Journey Recap: DC to CT and back

    I have a small enclosed cargo trailer, 3000 lbs GVWR, that I took from DC up to CT this weekend (approx 350 mi) with about 1000 lbs of gear in it (about 1000 lbs empty so 2000 lbs being pulled) as well as 700 lbs of payload in the vehicle (including my weight and assumed 10% tongue weight). No...
  12. Freedom panel storage idea

    This is a pretty cool set up for what you described, because I agree, you leave work and it's a perfect June day, you want to pull those babies off and head home, not screw around with the bag. I took mine off today and noticed that the bag's slots in the foam for panel 1 (drivers side) are...
  13. Jeep, Aka, "Stacy's Mom"

    If only I had waited a few hours for this post, I saw it when I installed sill guard #2. D'oh. Only off by a fraction, no big deal
  14. Center cluster display start screen setting

    Strange, mine is always on the screen I was last on when I turned the vehicle off
  15. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    Same problem here (and endlessly looking into stuff to buy), my wife thinks I have an issue
  16. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    I bought mine a few weeks ago, I'm still getting used to driving it and it only has 500 miles on it. This forum has made me a Jeep hypochondriac though. Will be taking a "long" 500 mile trip this weekend though so will be learning a lot more about my ride.
  17. Jeep, Aka, "Stacy's Mom"

    Great, will be raining today so not a good install day anyway; so will wait for a sunny day to warm them up. And for 7 bucks, i'll probably lose that by lunch so why not. The next accessory on the list Edit: no rain and partly sunny so gave it a go. Annnnddd I screwed up the first one, I...
  18. Jeep, Aka, "Stacy's Mom"

    About to install the Sill Guards tomorrow; any advise or lessons learned so I don't mess up my one shot? What is the benefit of the latch plate covers?
  19. Are seat covers worth it?

    I need to do something soon. I had my kids in the back seat yesterday and it looked like Pigpen from Peanuts was back there after one trip. I didn't think I could say "Get your feet off my seat" so many times in 30 minutes. Cloth seat too, they are like a dirt sponge
  20. Wranglers don't wave

    Got my first wave from a Wrangler last night. Haven't seen any JT's yet while driving in mine.