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  1. Virginia Ace Engineering Upper Decker

    Is it the newer version of the bed cover? The video is pretty solid that they have on youtube showing only a little bit of water getting in.
  2. Virginia Ace Engineering Upper Decker

    Damn. I guess technically my current tonneau isn't water tight, but I've never had a drop of water inside. I can't really risk it with my job and the stuff I carry around.
  3. Virginia Ace Engineering Upper Decker

    Is it truly water tight for the bed? Easy to pry open?
  4. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    I disagree. That is perfectly legitimate. The padded case takes up bed space and doesn't prevent them from moving around. Might protect them a bit, but I think it's pretty obvious that's not a perfect solution. One of the main reasons I went soft top.
  5. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I love their reviews. Nothing wrong with this review at all. Everything they said is legitimate.
  6. -- 2020+ Gladiator Picture Game --

    This counts. Pick the next one. lol
  7. Spiderwebshade vs. JTopsUSA

    They've got excellent customer service and I do like the product otherwise. It does come highly recommended.
  8. Spiderwebshade vs. JTopsUSA

    All of this happened Thursday or Friday, so I'm still waiting for it to ship. it does seem that some people get theirs and it's not loose at all in the middle. It was nice to have all weekend even with the fluttering. It wasn't making noise and kept me a lot cooler.
  9. Spiderwebshade vs. JTopsUSA

    Do you have a soft top?
  10. Spiderwebshade vs. JTopsUSA

    They're working with me now. They're going to send me a new one without the cutout for the freedom panels since I have a soft top.
  11. Spiderwebshade vs. JTopsUSA

    I purchased the Spiderwebshade on Amazon and I'm not super thrilled with it. I have a soft top and it installed easily enough, but it flaps around in the middle. Others have recommended JTopsUSA, but their website says it doesn't work with the soft top. Has anyone had a different experience?
  12. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    It was on my short list. I'm glad I didn't wait for it because I felt just the opposite when I saw it. Not green enough for me.
  13. How to Adjust the Slop out of the Steering System (I am finally happy with my Jeep)

    This is interesting. I can't quite tell what you did with the Allen wrench and how far I would need to turn that inside nut.
  14. Steel 3 piece bumper skid plate(s) -UPDATED now with happy ending

    I thought I didn’t need the brackets?
  15. Steel 3 piece bumper skid plate(s) -UPDATED now with happy ending

    Do you think the Rivnuts are needed only if you're going to actually install a winch plate?
  16. Soft top back, rear window in, OK to drive that way?

    I've had my soft top for almost 10 months now and I drive it regularly with the back window in. Drove all over the place today with the top back and window in.
  17. Maryland Jeep clubs?

    Chesapeake Jeep Club is on Facebook
  18. Maryland WTT black Freedom hardtop for premium soft top

    Somewhat tempting since I didn't get the hard top
  19. DIY Writeup: The FIX for the drip rail water leaking that anyone can do

    That has not been my experience at all. Everyday that I drive in the rain and park my the truck, incline, decline, flat ground, water comes pouring into the truck. I don't think I'll be using this fix, but I certainly wouldn't mind a fix for it.