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  1. Rivian R1T First Drive reviews

    looks like a larger ford maverick with an insanely ugly front end.
  2. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    100% recommend these. fast shipping, quality product, and great price. my doors appreciate the complete protection from my dogs.
  3. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    someone on reddit got the exact numbers of gator gladiators produced and, more specifically, the amount of gator max tows. apparently only 673 max tow gators are out there.
  4. 2022 Rumors?

    they stuffed a 6.4 into the wrangler and i'd imagine that it has higher cooling requirements than the 5.7. gladiator is heavier of course, but only by around 600-700 lbs.
  5. 2022 Rumors?

    i'm at 13.5 city driving on the 3.6, so might as well get crappy mileage from displacement instead of effort right?
  6. MY22 color wish list

    rhino or anvil would make me have to consider trading in.
  7. Thinskinz

    i ordered mine on friday and can't wait to have the back seat fully dog-proofed.
  8. Every time you call a Jeep a car, Baby Jesus kills a kitten 😿

    i will only refer to it as my car from now on... just for you, op.
  9. i'll be the first 315/70r17 on a STOCK Willys

    look at the fender flares. max tows have an extra "lip."
  10. i'll be the first 315/70r17 on a STOCK Willys

    yeah that's a snazzberry max tow.
  11. Interesting build at the dealership - Brush Firefighting Jeep Gladiator Promo Build

    it's a variation of overland. the silver jeep logos and those wheels are the visual cue.
  12. JScan app

    i think jscan users (at least for me) had their hopes up when the beta feature for ess was on the app and that a workaround was made. i didn't use it because i don't trust beta software on anything that i paid more than $100 for, but that's basically the reasoning. i'm happy with the eliminator...
  13. Market adjustment pricing

    houston has an insane amount of gladiators sitting on the lots right now while every dealership outside of a chrysler-dodge-jeep-ram and luxury brands are pretty much empty. it's kind of strange to see.
  14. JScan app

    autostop eliminator is $99, and there are usually coupon codes floating around. i think i got mine for $80. if you don't want to press it every time it's the best way to do it without the tazer. i was hoping that jscan would have a working feature by this point so i could sell my eliminator, but...
  15. Would you buy a base gladiator if you couldnt do any mods?

    not a chance only because of the stock tires. everything else i could deal with, but the stock tires are hilariously undersized that it makes the entire vehicle look out of proportion until they're swapped out.
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    there's a few listed for $150 in the area that you might be able to make a deal with. good luck!
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    they're rubicon take-offs. i found mine on facebook marketplace but there are some people here selling in tx too in the member marketplace. i waited until i found some locally for $100 and pulled the trigger. takes about 5-10 minutes to install with just 10mm and 13mm sockets.
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    finally found some reasonably-priced rubi rails to tie the black-on-gator look together.
  19. Your favorite cant live without mod

    sound isn't much different or at least as far as i can remember. i park in a garage at night but it sits out in the sun in houston for about 10 hours/day. and it actually leaks less than it did with the freedom panels. it's a no brainer if you don't want a soft top.
  20. Bronco looks legit

    if you're going to accuse someone that has been here and posting for over a year before you made an account of being a shill for ford (and another poster that's been here for almost 2 years of being his handler and backup), then why shouldn't we just assume that you're just shilling for jeep...