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  1. Utah Bunch of Rubicon free stock takeoff's...

    Is the rear steel bumper gone? I’d gladly pay for shipping for that.
  2. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I was ultimately denied the fix. They told me the Tech with 35+ years of experience couldn’t duplicate the wandering. They said “we’re not saying that it’s not happening but couldn’t duplicate it so it’s not enough evidence to provide for the work to be covered and I know you don’t want to pay...
  3. Lets see those Gladiator Beach pics

    Took the Mrs and the doggo to ride East Beach in RI
  4. Rhode Island Silver fog light bezels

    Silver fog light bezels off of a Sport S. $30 local pickup or plus shipping
  5. Rhode Island Sport S Max Tow front springs

    Sport S Max Tow front springs 335AB - Driver side 336AB - Passenger Side $60 local pick-up or plus shipping
  6. Rhode Island Sport S OEM suspension (non Max Tow)

    I have shocks and springs from a non-Max Tow Sport S. $60 local pick-up or $60 + shipping costs Front Springs - 325AB / 330AB Rear Springs - 438AC / 439AC 2 Front Shocks - sticker ripped off 2 Rear Shocks - 68509238AA Steering Stabilizer - 68251580AE
  7. Rhode Island Rubicon Steel Bumper

    Looking for a Rubicon steel modular bumper in the New England area.
  8. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I decided to call my local dealer and mention this issue as well. They said they will take a look and see if the tech can replicate what I’m feeling. Bit my tongue and said OK and scheduled for next Wednesday. Would be happy to have better feeling steering.
  9. Jeep gladiator your first Jeep?

    First Jeep for me. Owned all different types of vehicles. My wife bought her JKU new a couple years ago and I liked it. Sold my WRX a few months ago with the plan to buy a JLU but then test drove the Gladiator and was sold on it right away. Hands down the best vehicle I’ve owned. It’s practical...
  10. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Rear Sliders, Hoop & Snorkel

    Diggin’ that rear slider step combo. I’m assuming they come in pairs?
  11. Has anyone "doggified" their entire rear section?

    I’d love to do a rear seat delete type of thing for our GSD but she’s become accustomed to being able to use the rear sliding window. Majority rules and she’s the majority.
  12. Wheel Manufacturer Feedback & Sizing Question

    correct. My bad. I always get it mixed up. I checked my paperwork and I put on +01mm offset. Originally thought +12mm but went with my gut
  13. Wheel Manufacturer Feedback & Sizing Question

    I have a Sport S on stock suspension and put 285/70-17s on +12mm 17x8.5 wheels. Sticks out a little but not overly aggressive. And no rubbing. I probably could have gotten away with +01mm offset which would be tucked in a little more. But overall happy with it.
  14. Rhode Island For Sale: 5 inch Uconnect XM ready

    $125 shipped. Price includes shipping
  15. Rhode Island Sold: For Sale: 5 inch Uconnect XM ready

    Selling my 5 inch Uconnect XM ready with bezel. $125 shipped/conus
  16. Post up your Sting Grey Sport S with black or Grey wheels

    My Sport S w/ 285/70-17s on black 17x8.5” +01mm wheels
  17. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    figured I’d join in on the fun. Picked my sting grey up last week after selling my WRX. Safe to say I’m not disappointed at all.