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  1. Jeep Wave Program Won't Rotate "Oversized" Tires (35ers)

    Time for a new dealer. I have used two and neither has said anything about not doing 35s. Moreover I do a 5 tire rotation and they haven't charged me extra. All through Jeep Wave.
  2. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Rear Sliders, Hoop & Snorkel

    Definitely want those rear sliders with steps
  3. Bronco is fullsize - no comparison

    Ford did a good job with the bronco and if I was looking for an off road SUV then I would definitely look at it. In terms of sales I don't think gladiator will be affected since I am assuming that other gladiator owners are like me and need a truck. The gladiator is the only midsize truck that...
  4. Rattle from engine when accelerating (sounds like keys)

    I had an Rx8 and would do one redline per day plus premix. Never had issues. But I am having this same rattling on my gladiator. Just started about a month ago at around 17000 miles. Really hoping there is a solution.
  5. Overheating issues in my Mojave

    Second on Jeep Wave. They have been great. They want to actually fix your issues.
  6. 6K mile trip in new Mojave through western states - what worked well and what worked so so

    Awesome trip. Thanks for sharing the photos. I also am rocking the Mojave so glad it went well with the truck
  7. Help me not buy a Ranger Tremor

    Ranger is probably has the worst exterior looks in class.
  8. Missouri Jeep Mojave Polished Wheels and MT Tires

    Amy I sent you a direct message with some details about meeting up Christian
  9. Missouri Jeep Mojave Polished Wheels and MT Tires

    Amy They are still available. You would need to have the tire pressure sensors installed on the four polished wheels/tires and have them remounted. The spare wheel and tire does not come with a sensor from the factory so that wheel and tire does not need to be remounted. I didn't remove the...
  10. Missouri Jeep Mojave Polished Wheels and MT Tires

    Lowering the price to $1,000
  11. Jeep sucks.... I have no idea how some of you have owned so many

    Dealer quality is definitely a problem for Jeep
  12. Missouri Jeep Mojave Polished Wheels and MT Tires

    Bump and lowering price to $1,200
  13. Missouri Sold: Jeep Mojave Polished Wheels and MT Tires

    Recently traded out my OEM Jeep Mojave Wheels and Tires and looking to sell that set that came with the Jeep. The set does NOT include the TPMS sensors. The tires have 7,000 miles on them. The spare tire has never been used. The four polished wheels will need to have the tires remounted and...
  14. Method Wheels MR313 or MR703?

    Did you get five wheels or just four and kept the factory spare?
  15. Gladiators in STL?

    I am in the metro area just on the other side of the river
  16. Mojave backspacing

    Did you end up finding a wheel. Thinking about going to 35s and would like to get new wheels that are wider for those 35s. More generally what backspacing and offset did you go with?
  17. So how many Mojave owners have had steering issues or the box replaced?

    I actually think there are a lot that are fine. It's sounds like on the forums it's a lot but the dealer I went to had only done two including mine. Now mine wasn't terrible or anything but I wanted it done and I did notice a good improvement. Reason it took so long according to jeep cares is...
  18. So how many Mojave owners have had steering issues or the box replaced?

    They weren't done at the same time. Did stablizer myself first and then had the steering box changed out. Huge difference. Drag link replaced two weeks later and that made it perfect.