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  1. Current opinion of the Bronco?

    A well restored International Scout would be the twin from another mother; without Electronic upgrades to fail.. Scout bueno.
  2. If I order the 3 tires and get 1 for a buck who do I go for warranty

    Tires are Warrantied by the Tire Manufacturer.. Tires should have a separate warranty document that explains what is covered by the Limited Warranty.
  3. What tire should I get?

    I'm a fan of AEV lifts.. 2.5" Dual Sport on my JKU and running Toyo Open Country ATIII in 35x12.50/17s.. Also had Falken Wildpeak AT3s in 285/70s before .. Both were good highway and Snow in Pa.. did Rausch Creek and they worked well in the mud and rocks.
  4. Gladiator "Overland" on TruckU

    Not so sure about that.. The Jeep / Chrysler Certified Tech at my dealer stated to change the oil filter before draining the pan because the other way will result in Oil from the filter draining down when the filter is removed; and that is the way he does on all 3.6L's.
  5. Here is my invoice I priced out. How much will Gupton take off?

    Wow, how did you get those invoice numbers? MSRP comes up on
  6. Any big brake kits for 17inch rims

    A Check of MOPAR PNs finds that 2021 JT & JL share the same PNs for Fronts..Calipers and Rotors; did not check rear.. Also there are 2 different Caliper & Rotor numbers for each and different pricing.
  7. Any big brake kits for 17inch rims

    Just do a search for Big Brake Kits for Jeep JL... should be same as JT.. Many showed up in the $1,400+ range.
  8. Magnaflow Crawler replaced w/Dynomax

    Will be waiting on your videos for the Sound.. Considering replacement of the factory muffler with a Chambered or Turbo (watched the Engine Masters show on mufflers).
  9. Body shop scans with Tazer installed?

    Being a body shop & not warranty you should not need to; however, I would recommend and put it in your console or glove box. They will connect up their scan tool and check all codes.
  10. 35x12.5x17 on 2" BDS list (Willys - stock wheels)

    Take a look, and good luck getting them mounted; many shops will not put on rims not specified wide enough for the size tire.
  11. Can I fit a full 35x12.5 spare w/rim underneath the gladiator?

    Good luck getting a tire shop to mount that size on that rim.
  12. How to level my gladiators front end

    The Mojave sits level because of the Springs being 1" taller than all other Gladiators.. so a 1" spacer should do the trick. IMO I would be looking for a 1 or 1.5" spacer. Lift if you are planning on going to 35s or 37s on your Willy.. BTW what is your planned off road activities?
  13. Any Jeep rebates?

    NO, not even the factory district managers that work with the dealers daily. That is a Well Kept Confidential Item.
  14. Any Jeep rebates?

    Rebates on JEEPs is very limited and designated for specific models.. Check the website: for rebates offered in your residence area. AND.. given the current market conditions with all the shortages of new vehicles IMO not much will be receiving rebates.
  15. $2000 upcharge out of the blue for mojave near me....

    There are many Jeep dealers around the VA area.. Go to another dealer and place your order with the one that does not charge a MVC.. You're blessed with that option and choice.
  16. $2000 upcharge out of the blue for mojave near me....

    Industry analysts predict the pricing premium will be thru 2022.. the CHIP Shortage should be ending by end of this year.. IT will take time to get dealer inventories UP. BTW... dealers in my area will sell at MSRP IF YOU ORDER .. not buy off the lot..
  17. Interested in this Tire and Wheel combo, what do you think? Got some questions.

    The Mojave Wheels have additional Back Space to clear the Fox shocks.. I run 4.5" B/S with 17x8.5 if memory is correct about -6mm offset wheels with Toyo ATIII 35x11.50's and have between 1/2 to 1 in (tread block) outside the fenders. Also be aware that the stock lugs might not fit thru the...
  18. Sport S black wheels. How to dull finish?

    I believe that there is clear coat on top of the paint. YES you could use RED scuff pads (body shops use them all the time) and that would knock down the gloss. Go lightly and hope not to break thru the clear coat. I suggest a visit to a local body shop and discuss with the manager what...