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  1. Gross gear oil @ 8k miles

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  2. Gross gear oil @ 8k miles

    Until it leaks out the fill hole
  3. Gross gear oil @ 8k miles

    You can use breakcleaner just keep it away from the locker sensor. I didn't bother to pull the cover I just used the drain plug. I will pull the cover in another 3k when I flush again. I suggest you do the same, just use cheap gear oil and flush again in 3k to check status. Then use good oil...
  4. Gross gear oil @ 8k miles

    Here is mopars finest out of my rear diff at 4500 miles...... Coffee color and mildly burnt with some metal filing fully caking the magnet.
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    the hooks on the back of the front seats that are part of the molle webbing of the rubies work really good to hang bag off of them.
  6. wheres there smoke theres fire

    I would remove your engine cover and start poking around. Look at the hot things, aka exhaust headers and pipes, cylinder heads ect.. maybe it's a crank breather hose that popped off, but generally if you see and smell smoke, you have a problem that needs to be located asap. I assume this is...
  7. SILVER ZYNITH Gladiator JT Club

    Say we change the name to "mini van silver"
  8. flashing rear locker light after re-gear

    What I observed: mostly just packed with filings.
  9. 7" U connect - 128GB usb stick

    FYI, my 2021 JTR can read a 128gb usb memory stick with about 12,000 songs stored on it. I still have 50gb of space left for more songs. I got a chicklet style card and was able to sand down some of the plastic end cap and get the media door flap to close as if no card was installed.
  10. Gross gear oil @ 8k miles

    I'll report back on how my oil was after I drain it this weekend. I'm at 4500 miles now, with some utility trailer towing and 6 hour highway runs. My JTR and the "gross" JTR were built the same month and delivered 2 weeks apart.
  11. Gross gear oil @ 8k miles

    Just a FYI for anyone that cares, was at my buddies shop helping with a regear on another friends JTR, we popped the drain and rear dif cover and what a nasty gross stinky dark mess. The oil in rear diff was coffee brown, burnt smelling, with a fair amount of metal fines on the magnets. Buddy...
  12. Gladiator vs the power wagon

    You want space for days, and towing, and pickup capacity when needed, Chevy Suburban for the Win. Those things have serious room and can also be had with 4x4. You have/had a ford Expo, so you know the space for days deal those type of trucks provide.
  13. GDE is back and making EPA compliant tune!

    Based on the website I posted, 650ft/lb is the magic number that exceeds the rear axles maximum torque rating when in 2wd. I did not include the transfer case ratio into this calc. Stock rear wheel torque calcs out at 5567 nm, axle is rated at 8200 nm. So is GDE eluding to their tune is...
  14. GDE is back and making EPA compliant tune!

    ok, this is past my pay grade but I think it gives us what I was asking.
  15. GDE is back and making EPA compliant tune!

    Interesting info, not sure what that exactly means if the M220 is rated for 8200nm aka 6048 ft/lbs. "The gearing used in today's Dana 44™ axles has a 226 mm ring gear size and has a torque capacity of 8200Nm. The new generation Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® gearing has a smaller 220mm ring gear size but...
  16. Need some thoughts on this,Busted pitman arm bushing

  17. Need some thoughts on this,Busted pitman arm bushing

    To fix it, you order a new drag link tie rod end. Remove the castle nut, wack the pit man arm where the tie rod goes though, then you take a paint pen make a mark on the tie rod, and you start to unscrew the tie rod counting the number to turns it takes to remove it. Install new tie rod (which...
  18. Need some thoughts on this,Busted pitman arm bushing

    If you don't know, you are suppose to wack the part that is holding the tie rod pin, not the tie rod. wacking the outside of the part where the pin goes causes tiny vibrations that breaks the friction grip loose.
  19. Need some thoughts on this,Busted pitman arm bushing

    FYI, that is the Tie Rod End on the Drag link. The rubber part is just a dust seal. Not sure why it went bad even if it is a year or 2 old. Do you have a lift that is causing the tie rod end to bind if fully flexed? The rod end might be dented, take a single close photo. It's possible a...
  20. Off-road For Beginners…

    Just keep going out and trying different things, you will get the hang of it. Find a local 4x4 group and start going to their monthly meetings first before blindly show up to a event come to find out it's a rock crawl and 40's are needed ;) This way you can make friends, talk jeeps and learn...