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  1. Please Introduce 392 Hemi Gladiator

    It's pulled timing for me a few times going up passes but it was quick to get back to normal. I don't think FCA considers this an issue, so there's "nothing to fix." I don't think anyone from the aftermarket has stepped in yet to look at options.
  2. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2021 U.S. Sales Figures Results in Best Third Quarter Ever

    Had to have been weird paying a markup on a brand new never registered 2017 viper lol.
  3. Market Adjustments - LOFL

    Silicon valley tech workers that are paid well.
  4. Gladiator vs Wrangler..which holds value better?

    I suppose I probably just have the view that all mid size trucks tow worth shit :)
  5. Market Adjustments - LOFL

    I don't think the dealer model is necessarily broken (though who knows how long it'll be around) -- there's good dealerships out there that do well. I doubt FCA does a great job managing their dealer network, so that's probably some of the issue as well. I also travel for a deal, though.
  6. Gladiator vs Wrangler..which holds value better?

    Gladiator is just too niche IMO. They should really artificially keep supply low on them if they want value to retain. You're going to have a lot of people that are like -- well, I'll give it a shot, and probably abandon it to back to a Wrangler (or Tacoma). I own one, so it's not like I want my...
  7. Market Adjustments - LOFL

    Dealers here selling at MSRP or under on Gladiators. I traded in my 4 door at a massive premium and paid slightly under MSRP for my diesel Gladiator. Ended up working out to be a similar discount to my 4 door (> 10% below MSRP) when I got it in early '19. We have quite a bit of inventory of...
  8. 315/70/17 vs. 35/12.50/17 KO'2s

    I've heard some pretty fantastic things about the Falcon AT's -- but the Falcon MT's on my Gladiator were a damn joke in weather (on road, downright dangerous). My Nittos were a pretty large improvement over them from that perspective. I've never had the KO2's in mud, but they do well on street...
  9. Time for New Tires

    Stock gearing? Did you chalk test them yet? You'll have to let us know how they wear and how they perform once you start getting them in weather, especially near the lower temps. I will say my Gladiator got better in the wet once I put some weight in the rear. Otherwise, especially with the...
  10. Is the diesel gladiator worth it?

    I'm getting 19-21 on 37's (KO2 AT's) but I drive a lot of city (and w/ summer, the Start/Stop doesn't activate which really kills my mileage). Running 65-70 mph on the freeway that's relatively flat I'm able to hold 23-24 mpg. I do have 4 1/2" of lift though. But even bone stock I was getting...
  11. Guy parting out his Gladiator. High end parts.

    The steering wheel looks like it's slippery if your hands get somewhat sweaty at all. lol Top looks nice.
  12. Time for New Tires

    Those are heavy (as are most if not all MT/hybrid tires). Have heard great things though.
  13. Time for New Tires

    I mean honestly for $600 that's worth it to try. Then if you don't like them, sell them and take your losses and buy KO2s. I've just heard they don't last, and it's not like it was one guy either... I've heard that repeated over and over. At the end of the day, road comfort and ability to...
  14. Time for New Tires

    I've heard from others that the Milestar's don't last very long but have no personal experience with them. So just keep in mind how many miles you expect out of the tire before you buy. KO2's will last a long time from personal experience and may justify the price. Last set I had went 40,000 and...
  15. Guy parting out his Gladiator. High end parts.

    I want whatever the hell this guy is smoking. Don't get me wrong I'm glad there's so many aftermarket options for jeeps but JFC.
  16. Is Selec-Trac worth trading in your 2020 Gladiator for a 2021?

    Mojave will still have full time 4WD this year.
  17. Parts prices...UP 15-25%... what's going on!

    Not sure why this is surprising…but it does suck :( Many items are going up dramatically.