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  1. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    Great idea, looks like it would be great for the time you get mud inside and will just have to pull them off, spay them down and reinstall. I have a dog that slobbers all over the doors but mud sounds cooler ;)
  2. New Favorite Detailing Product

    looks good, I will have to check it out. I have been using the 303 nano graphene spray and the 303 interior protectant on the leather and plastics. Been really happy with the 303 but always looking for something better
  3. So, what is everybody towing?

    I put air bags in mine and with just 20 to 25lbs of air it did great
  4. So, what is everybody towing?

    Had to move the old 71 this weekend
  5. So disappointed in this Diesel platform; wish there was a return policy.

    yep...ask any 392 owner, same thing. Most never read their manual and so they program it protect its self.
  6. So disappointed in this Diesel platform; wish there was a return policy.

    I run a custom shop and we do a ton of lifts and we have lifted several Diesels and I have been told more than once that after a few thousand miles they can feel an increase in power and their fuel mileage got better. One JT owner that has 37's and about 300lbs in the bed was on the highway and...
  7. So disappointed in this Diesel platform; wish there was a return policy.

    I see that you have less then 500 miles and have not got pass the brake in stage. the computer will not give you full power until you pass that mileage. I have clients that have both the JL and JT EcoDiesel and have been told that after the 3000 or 5000 mark ( I'm not sure) but they say that...
  8. What's Jeep hinting at by "40.4"

    the front and rear are the same on the 2 door and 4 door, just the brake over angle are diff
  9. What's Jeep hinting at by "40.4"

    I also think that it is the Approach and Departure angles with 35's on to match the Ford Bronco on 35's...once again (deep breath) thank you Ford
  10. Opinion on these Nerf bars/running boards

    They will not make it one trip off road. Spend a little to get something that will last and protect your Jeep. I have seen cheep side steps do damage to a Jeep by hitting a rock or log and getting pushed up into the body. check out...
  11. Anybody carry a compressor in their JT?

    I have the Smittybilt 5.65 CFM compressor (part#2781) Nothing comes close to the amount of air (without a bottle) takes me about 20min to air up 40x13.50R17 from 10psi to 30psi. I have had it just over a year and have used it several times...even aired up my 40's then a buddys 37's and no...
  12. Gladiator Rubicon Diesel Bottom Out issue

    OK, I would go to the dealer and talk to the Service Mgr and see if he can get a new one off the lot and compare with a diesel to see if it does the same thing. If not then they will order new springs. I have driven a handful of the JT Diesels and we have lifted a lot and I have not noticed that...
  13. Gladiator Rubicon Diesel Bottom Out issue

    I have taken Diesel springs off and they are thicker and taller then the gas Gladiator. But I don't understand what your pic is supposed to show us! what is happening that you are bottoming out? Is it a load in the bed? Is it going over a bump at a certain speed? Sorry for all the questions...
  14. Jeep Wave program on a used Gladiator

    Nope. I got mine with 9K used at a Jeep dealer and called Jeep wave and it is non-transferable
  15. Am I wrong? Lift vs Fenders...

    With the Gladiator Sport, we have lifted several with the Mopar Lift on 37's and no issues. We had one client that disconnected and said he did not rub when wheeling in CO. If you don't load down the bed or tow heavy loads add .75 inch spacer in the front to reduce the rake then add an...