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  1. 6” Rough Country lift on 37’s

    One of my local shops who do the majority of the high end rock crawlers and Ultra4 racing, stocks RC now. They say it's a totally different product than in years past. I haven't run any of their stuff, but I know folks who have been the last 3 years with no complaints.
  2. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Rear Sliders, Hoop & Snorkel

    yes! Highly interested in the rear slider. Mind PMing me pricing and timeframe?
  3. Jeep Wagoneer / Spartan Build [7 Seater Gladiator]

    Can't wait to see the new project. And just because I know my wife will ask, is this current truck for sale? haha
  4. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    Who makes those seats!? Amazing
  5. EgulAye's mild hunting build (is it an overland build?)

    If the seatbelt is 'buckled' it doesn't trigger auto park?!
  6. RIP Maxxis Trepador Radials

    Also, I should mention that I ran Treps a few Jeeps ago and they're AMAZING Offroad, but extremely loud on road. Great tire though if you can have a dedicated Offroad rig.
  7. RIP Maxxis Trepador Radials

    haha, you aren't alone. My wife was the catalyst to me getting different tires. I've got 17500 on my rig in a year and a half. Factory radials, 33 BFG(cause I got a killer deal), 35 Yoko MT, and now 37 Yoko MT(again a good deal because my used 35s were worth almost as much as I bought them...
  8. 37-inch spare tire solution for running around town and easy trails?

    Thank you for the feedback on the Clayton Bar! It will likely be my next mod should I run into any articulation issues moving forward
  9. 37-inch spare tire solution for running around town and easy trails?

    I came here to provide some insight. I've got a brand new 37x12.50x17 Yoko G003(MT). Its aired down to 20psi, and fits in my spare tire location after I added additional clearance to the heat shield via a hammer. It sits right up against the frame rails just like my 35 did. Clayton Offroad...
  10. Tell me I didn't just mess up

    getting mine in this coming week.Can’t wait to get 8th gear back on the highway consistently.
  11. LOL - Every 2021 Ford Bronco With a Hardtop Needs a New One

    I've been on a few of those critical updates with many different suppliers, where a large amount of premise equipment bricks, and there's nothing to do but deploy, recover, and RMA.
  12. Regearing in Charleston SC

    We've got a couple of great shops up here. Carlton Customs in Greenville, SC can do them and they've been racing built Jeeps forever. They'll be doing mine next week.
  13. LOL - Every 2021 Ford Bronco With a Hardtop Needs a New One

    As a solutions engineer for the last 10 years, I spit out my water I laughed so hard.
  14. Regearing in Charleston SC

    I don't have any Offroad shop connections down there, but I do remember one spot that was super popular forever was called LowCountry4x4. If you have a 4WP, they might offer it as well.
  15. Help me understand what's going on with my MPG

    Getting into 7th and 8th gear is where the fuel economy differs from city mileage. I've got a heavier rig than most gladiators, light on the pedal after initial acceleration(I do have a pedal commander) and I'm averaging 18 in the city with 35s. I just finished 450 round trip highway...
  16. Towing concerns. What are you towing at what max?

    I'm about to regear mine next week as well to 4.88. What size tire are you running? After doing months of calculations, I think 4.88 is perfect for big 35s/small 37s and getting 8th gear back when not towing.
  17. Gears for 37" tires

    Curious to know which pedal commander setting you use. Irrelevant to the thread, but I use Sport, +3.
  18. Stinger Offroad Camera

    No details, but from what I understand, it's all about the mount and easy of plugging in. The radio can only support a 480 resolution, so each camera is roughly going to look the same. Plugging into factory harness and power but be my driving factors for purchase.