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  1. Gas mileage is concerning..

    I get around 17 when driving around town, and average high 18's to mid 19's when I add highway mileage to the mix. Actually broke 20+ on a recent trip and I haven't disabled the start/stop either. I would say that 15.3 seems mighty low to me.
  2. What was your ride before the JT?

    Traded in a 2010 JK with 100,000 miles and a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe.
  3. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    It would be my '99 TJ - a 4 cylinder with a manual. A gutless wonder, but what a blast to drive. Started the addiction my kids and I have yet to get over.
  4. If you could do it over - What would you change?

    The only thing I wish mine had was the front camera and heated seats, great for the lower back. But then I didn't want to spend the additional dollars to get the 8.4 radio for the front camera option. No regrets thought, love my gladiator.
  5. The Philistine thread - non-lifted Gladiators and not likely to be, either

    Man that looks awesome. May I ask what leveling kit you used.
  6. The Philistine thread - non-lifted Gladiators and not likely to be, either

    I think people are taking the original idea a little to literal. There are some who feel this thread is about no mods and others who try to qualify their mods. It's my Jeep, I shouldn't have to justify it. I don't see how a leveling kit is lifting your Jeep and if that gets people's panties in...
  7. Fender flares made of cheap material

    Yeah I don't think Chemical Guys could help that. I've never seen fender flares that new show such damage. I agree with your thought earlier of getting them rhino lined.
  8. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2021 U.S. Sales Figures Results in Best Third Quarter Ever

    After seeing the pics of what the 2022 Taco is supposed to look like, except for Toyota loyalists, I'm not sure people will be flocking to their dealerships to buy one. Think I'll be seeing more Gladiators on the road.
  9. another windshield bites the dust

    Same here in Houston, if not cracked people wonder if your Jeep ever leaves the garage. Made if 5 months before mine started to crack. Never even heard the rock impact my windshield.
  10. Fender flares made of cheap material

    Have you tried using Chemical Guys VRP on them? I found that the product even helped my 2010 JK and they were in bad shape.
  11. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Congratulation and hope both of you enjoy the new rides! Love that bright color. Won't miss the father son duo coming down the road ;)
  12. What has this forum cost you?

    This forum has saved me money on group buys for things I wanted to get for the Gladiator. I wonder how people can afford to do a 3" plus lift, new wheels, tires, etc. the first week they get it. Love the vehicle and seeing what everyone else is doing, just don't have the bucks to get it done as...
  13. Help with a purchase

    Realize you want a specific color, but is it worth overpaying just to have a Gobi. Both of the used deals you listed were way overpriced because of the used car market. In your original post you said you also thought of sarge green, can you find a new one and go from there? Good luck and I hope...
  14. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Well when I was in college, Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Columbian, etc. sure didn't mean coffee! Just saying.
  15. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    12 pages of suspense, and we still don't have an answer or no why the OP is so upset. If this was a novel, I would have given up by now and moved on to another book! Must say the posts have been fun to read.
  16. How good is a mesh top?

    Honestly can't tell you, since I don't take the roof off much. Really wanted it for the front.
  17. How good is a mesh top?

    So I went with shadeidea and have been mostly happy with the product. Directions could be better...
  18. $2000 upcharge out of the blue for mojave near me....

    Yeah but what does the dealer add to the bottom line - anti theft, helium for the tires, wheel locks, etc. I went to one dealer in the Houston area and his additions totaled almost $6500. I laughed and left, purchasing my Gladiator elsewhere.
  19. Did you name your Gladiator?

    Nope - haven't named any of the previous ones either. I think people stressing over naming their Jeep is a bit ridiculous.
  20. Wheel Manufacturer Feedback & Sizing Question

    Not new to Jeeps but like you looking at aftermarket wheels. I have a Willys and was not planning on regearing so I tended to look at the weight of the tire and new wheel to see how much I was adding to each axle. I realize that I will loose some MPG, not my concern but I didn't want to make it...