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  1. Oracle Flush Mount Taillights Arrived Today

    I'm sure someone with BSM and the new tails can easily check the quadrants and distance of the oem ones versus the oracle ones. Perhaps that will come in the future.
  2. Hard time finding my favorite oil

    Thanks for the clarification. I agree it's probably not needed but 6 quarts of oil once a year isn't going to bankrupt me. I've been playing with performance cars for a while so I just remembered the fall out from guys who were getting good deals on Walmart oil and then started getting bad oil...
  3. Hard time finding my favorite oil

    Ya my understanding was that back in the day synthetics were all group 4. Mobil 1 was a 4. Then Mobil 1 started getting a lot cheaper and people found out they had switched back to a Petro blend also sometimes called a synthetic blend that is actually group 3 but sold as a synthetic. A lot of...
  4. Gladiator Steel rear bumper

    I don't have a bracket on my steel bumper
  5. Suntop Working on a Gladiator Product

    Maybe ask for a fabric sample
  6. How are you transporting fishing rods?

    Man that sucks, you have to drag a boat around every where you want to go fishing. No thanks! J/k I want a boat
  7. Where have the standards gone? Dealer complaints etc.

    Yep use gupton and you will have that experience
  8. Florida Roll Call!

    Nice rides and congrats on the new truck
  9. IRL Favorite Gladiator Factory Option--Adaptive Cruise. What is/are yours?

    Funny enough I found it a little too aggressive on the brake and gas for light traffic and wrote it off for a while. Then during heavy fast traffic I turned it on and turned the follow distance real short. It works awesome. I now use it for i-4 and i-95 traffic all the time
  10. Mojave with Rubicon bumpers

    Looking at the other pics, I think its not designed for the Mojave, he just decided it wasn't that bad and wanted a snorkel.
  11. Mojave shock end cap screws rusted

    That's two too many. Didn't you read the post from the guy who had his warranty revoked for having dirt and water splashed in the engine compartment? The Mojave specifically says it's desert rated. No water! Lol
  12. Dunno 'bout this one.

    Good on you for making an obviously good woman happy. But I have one question for anyone here. Why is this even made? I understand it may actually fix the rear window leak problem but it's not "designed" for that. I could see it for trucks that have the back window roll down into the cab wall...
  13. Specialty Florida License Plate For Jeeps ..

    Yep just found it. The non profit doesn't organize its own charity, it has a council that chooses other charities to give the money to or also gives out grants. I don't know I guess I'm a pessimist, but I feel like it might be a cash grab (which is fine if it's labeled as such). The main guys...
  14. Specialty Florida License Plate For Jeeps ..

    Like the plate but the foundation seems iffy. The guys running it are promotion and marketing guys and I can't find anything that their non profit does besides jeep jam at panama. Nothing about trail clean up or conservation. Was going to get one for both of the jeeps if they did any good.
  15. Where is the Gladiator 1 touch top option?!

    What's this? Empathy? Don't see much of this around here. But I thought if it works for me it must be perfect and everyone else is either whining or complaining?
  16. Hiding Toll booth Transponder passes.

    I believe our new jeeps garage door opener won't work without it keyed on to accessory or run. If that makes you feel better
  17. What did you pay for your GLADIATOR?

    Factory order MSRP 64,xxx Price 54,xxx 8% below invoice and 1500 rebate Saved 10k+
  18. Paint Chips

    Nice, thanks for the tip
  19. Will it Fit in Garage?

    Or use trail cam for front