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  1. Gas mileage is concerning..

    If I put one gallon of gas in my JT, start it, let it idle, and drop it from 17 miles up I'm pretty sure it would run out before it landed.
  2. What was your ride before the JT?

    I still have it, but with today's used car market I could still sell it for a profit (I bought new three years ago). Tempting!!!
  3. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    Perfect. Exactly what I was looking to see. THANKS! Ordering one, and will put the other lift in the smaller garage. Will look great with a golf cart on top! haha
  4. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Pretty freaking cool. Keep this thread updated with the progress of both of those monsters. CONGRATS MAN!
  5. First time caller long time listener

    First must have is a real off-road training session (if you have never had one). Learn what these things can do! Second must have is wheel time. Once you spend a lot of time with these things as designed (off road), you will not believe how great they really are. Congrats on the purchase...
  6. Can we Disable the auto stop start?

    One quick note: $15 off with GMTRUCKS coupon (free shipping). Just ordered one for the wife's JLU.
  7. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    I've always considered the Gladiator to be ugly (and still do). Now I consider it wonderfully ugly. Kinda like a Glock. Nothing wrong with a little functional ugly (nor holster rash). Next to the vette this is my favorite vehicle, ugly or not!
  8. One Year Later......

    Doc, those wheels are freaking perfect. Wow. (I have the Sarge green ones in my cart waiting on the trigger to be pulled) NICE TRUCK!
  9. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    Elkhart Blue C7 Z06 and Red C6Z... NICELY done!
  10. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    Exactly. Well put! For my home use the 2 poster with the jacks has been the best of both worlds, and I do move it around quite a bit because I constantly change the garage layout.
  11. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    this is where the wife sold me. She found a house with a 14’ garage ceiling. No can defend, I bought it right away! Haha
  12. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    Appreciated folks! I will likely do one of these and relegate the Superlifts to the small garage. I figure the Mopar 2.5" and 37's are on the horizon as well so these should account for that! Excellent
  13. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    Easiest sell ever. Simply say the following: "How would you like to never wait for an oil change again?" My wife told me that I didn't buy it she was going to after that! She even bought the oil extractor.
  14. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    About 15 years ago I bought this SuperLifts SJ7000 for my vette (no, not this vette for you historians). For the first time ever, I own a vehicle that does not fit UNDER it and with the other garage being used by her JLU, this is my parking configuration. I'd like to reverse it and put the...
  15. To stubby or not to stubby?

    I prefer the stubbs too, but like both looks depending on which wheels are on. Had a couple JKU Hard Rocks and stubbed them both too so it was an early move on this one.
  16. Music in your Gladiator

    FFDP, SOAD, The Ascendicate, etc
  17. Max weight on the hood

    Which hood? Sport dents easier than Mojave which dents easier than Rubicon. I would allow no one on any of them unless the ground was on fire and even then, get in the bed of the truck first... DANG
  18. Roof removal breaks seal?

    Not 100%, but at least 94% odds that,
  19. Do you wave at another Jeep?

    I own two cars where the owners wave (Jeeps and Corvettes). This has me waving at all of the Jeeps and vettes, even when I am driving neither. To that guy in the C6 that looked at me like I was nuts when I waved at him from my rental minivan, please know that I am.
  20. Assholes giving the bird

    I waved to a C3 when I was driving my C7 once and the guy gave me the finger. I wasn't butthurt, but I did post about it on the wrong forum.