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  1. Aftermarket Soft top?

    I want a gladiator exo-top. It would be easy to make and it would solve my issue needing a roof rack.
  2. Who makes Rear Door Guards for dogs?

    I can totally see their use and I’ve, for sure, had instances where they would have come in handy in the past. My dog is abnormally relaxed and does not get excited about much anything, not even when tracking. She the Mr Magoo of dogs. my previous dog for sure…these would have been the first...
  3. Rivian R1T First Drive reviews

    I understand the need and place for electric vehicles. I do NOT understand why everyone has to make them all butt ugly. why can’t it have all these features and look…normal?
  4. Who makes Rear Door Guards for dogs?

    It wasn’t a dig. I even said it was a cool product. I was explaining why I personally don’t feel like I need them.
  5. Gladiator on a tight Black Bear Pass switchback. Drone footage.

    In Wv this is just called. “the road”.
  6. Who makes Rear Door Guards for dogs?

    I also have a working dog and don’t feel the need for these, though they are cool. I say down, she goes down. I say stay, she stays until released. That includes molesting the door panels.
  7. Ran over a bungee cord on the road. 4500 miles

    Is the spare the same tire? Can I have someone move that tire from the spare and onto the factory rim? Then mount the busted one to the spare rim so I can take it home and plug it? sure I’ll have a spare with a plug, but beats buying A new tire.
  8. Gladiator vs the power wagon

    I actually traded my power wagon for a gladiator. Here’s my .02 Size didn’t bother me. I’ve off-roaded larger vehicles actually. Specifically an h1 and an h2 with 42” swampers. And these are WV trails so, yes the trails are skinny. the interior is no comparison. The power wagons interior is...
  9. Ran over a bungee cord on the road. 4500 miles

    Well, I was headed to the lake today and suddenly blew out a tire. I stopped to change it and saw this: So, who do I need to contact, The dealer? With only 4500 miles on the tires they should be worn pretty close right? Can I just see if they can replace that one tire? Do these come with a...
  10. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    As a hummer enthusiast myself from way back when….little known fact: the h3 doors are designed to be removed too. It’s just no one does it. look at your wiring harnesses, they are quick disconnects with a lever. The bolts come out and the hinge is on pins not much different than the jeeps...
  11. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    It wasn’t meant to be a slam of your skills. It’s more I’m too stupid to understand what I’m looking at.
  12. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    I can tell literally no difference between these two photos.
  13. Advice on painting an unpainted plastic part

    If it helps, the last time I painted plastic pieces in my 350z, I did the following process: scuffed heavy with scotch brite Sprayed with adhesion promoter Applied bondo Sanded bondo until smooth Sprayed three coats of primer wet sanding between 200-500g. Sprayed four color coats wet sanding...
  14. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    People don’t generally speak to me….. so no ones said anything. ive worked very hard to create a face and demeanor that says “leave that guy alone.”
  15. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Wait I gotta get in here too. Hiiiiiiii all!
  16. Just installed DDI seat slammers... WOW

    I need to sit in one with the slammers. But really even 2” I don’t think is going to help me much. My upper thigh rests against the transfer shifter and my head hits even the freedom tops if I sit up straight. I have to slide back in the seat and put my lower back against the front of the...
  17. Advice on painting an unpainted plastic part

    this is important information. Stuff like hdpe will not let anything stick to it at all no matter what you do to it.
  18. Must have options from factory?

    auto manual is not even the same animal as an actual manual. I’d have rather gotten a manual. I loathe automatic transmissions. +1 on the cold weather package.
  19. Mastertop Cab cover

    I’ve been looking at this too. It doesn’t look like it comes off easily though.
  20. Just installed DDI seat slammers... WOW

    See. I’m on the fence about doing this. my problem, is really two. first, I like sitting elevated. I’m not a fan of sitting in the floorboard. second, anytime I sit with my hips below my knees for an extended period (see, every kayak seat ever made.) my lower back wants to break in half and...