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  1. The M1101 too heavy or no

    Here is your M1101 behind a gladiator.
  2. The M1101 too heavy or no

    An 8' Alaskan non-cabover camper fits in a M101 trailer.
  3. The M1101 too heavy or no

    M101A2 would be a better fit for the gladiator. replace the surge brake axle with electric brakes and the either keep the pintle or swap for something like the lock-n-roll hitch with a longer tongue for better maneuverability. I saw one here in houston that was converted and behind a JK...
  4. ALU-CAB: 35" (+) TIRES

    Other options: Keep the spare tire under the bed. Will fit up to 37" tire. Replace bumper with something like the expedition one bumper with the swing-out tire carrier. Will support up to 38" tire.
  5. What should my first song be in my Gladiator. No I don’t want your recommendations (POLL)

    Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild. Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway Looking for adventure In whatever comes our way
  6. What color is GATOR to you?

    its a weathered olive drab. My favorite jeep color by far.
  7. Violent shudder at 85mph

    I have had the death wobble a couple of times now. All with the same resolution. Re-torque the nuts for tie-rods, drag-link, and track bar. Mostly the tie-rod ends. They aluminum knuckles are too soft and the holes loosen up. Leading to the death wobble. I loctited the nuts this last time...
  8. Must have options from factory?

    auto tranny. more reliable and higher tow rating than manual. The auto has a manual mode when needed. The manual has a history of clutch problems (overheating). Wider axles come with rubicon and max tow.
  9. Who makes this?? Rotopax embedded in side of bed

    Jeep did it first on the M715 in 1967.
  10. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    same here. ordered late last week and here on sunday. great service and product. Thanks.
  11. Looking for reliable source for '04 Jeep WJ O2 sensor -

    Interesting, as I have the same problem O2 sensor problem on my 03 TJ. It doesn't want to go away and has been around for over a year now. Where do I find if there is a TSB for the '03 TJ's?
  12. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    Ordered. Are you going to make a front passenger side door skin. My rottie rides shotgun.
  13. Off Road Pages screen gripe

    please explain how that works. I didn't know about this feature.
  14. Off Road Pages screen gripe

    Get the Torque app for your phone and a bluetooth OBDII adapter. You can get everything except the oil pressure. Don't know why oil pressure isn't available but I can never get it on any of my OBDII devices. I use a 67designs phone dock to view the phone while driving.
  15. Interior Design - Let's hear your thoughts!

    removable cupholder liner so that it can be easily cleaned. and don't need the lights in the cupholders.
  16. Anyone using a Dc to Dc charger for a second battery?

    Where did you tap in for the ignition sensing wire?
  17. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    That's not how mine works. Get in and it's over 100 inside. It still stops the motor at the first stop sign. The AC has only just started to chill down much less the cab.
  18. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    Not true. It still shuts off with the AC on. Very annoying in 95+ degrees. :mad:
  19. Traction boards or kinetic rope first

    The choice really depends on the type of terrain you will be covering. For sand and mud the recovery boards make a lot of sense for self-recovery. For rocks and hill climbing a winch is a better choice for self-recovery. And of course, as already stated, a snatch strap only works when you...
  20. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    What a poseur. They don't even have any pioneer tools attached (shovel, mattock, and axe, for you neophytes out there).