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  1. Show us your pics! 35s with spacers (non-rubi and non-mojave)

    Thanks very much. I’m partial to the look as well.
  2. Show us your pics! 35s with spacers (non-rubi and non-mojave)

    Sport S Max Tow 1.5” day star front level 0.75” rear spacer Rubicon take off front and rear shocks, front springs - kept rear max tow springs BFG KO2 AT 35 x 12.5 x 17 Quadratec CJ Retro Alloy Wheels 17” x 8.5” with 5.2” backspacing
  3. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    I’ll also chime in with a recommendation. My 100 pound chocolate lab loves riding with me, but his nails, slobber, and hair are tough on my vehicles. Held off putting him in my JT and then found and ordered these. First ride I knew they were the perfect option. Performed great. And I’ll also...
  4. Suntop Soft Top

  5. Suntop Soft Top

    Just curious how much you paid for color match painting on metal pieces. I’m sure prices differ by area, just curious order of magnitude. Thanks and congrats. And any pics of the color match would be awesome.
  6. Suntop Soft Top

    For those who have installed, curious how loud you’d say it is when covered up and running on highway. Or any other specific concerns or cons you’d note. About to pull trigger and respond to my email to pay and finalize order, just some last minute checks. Thanks all.
  7. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Thanks very much! I actually cheated a little. Those are quadratec brand alloy wheels made to look like steelies. But I’m kind of partial to them too.
  8. Gladiator as…child height measuring chart??

    Snapped a pic of my little man today when he was happily walking around the JT drumming on all the parts / surfaces. Thought it was funny he was ALMOST as tall as the tires. So had thought of taking progressive pics next to various parts of the JT as he grows. Already missed the side steps and...
  9. Mastiff and My Gladiator

    Not sure how I haven’t seen that but that is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thanks so much. Maybe I should just be stalking your build and copying!
  10. Mastiff and My Gladiator

    Thanks very much - exactly what I was needing to hear. And what another great pic of those happy, lucky pups. Different question but wondering about your bed rack. Looks like the brackets move the uprights just outside the sides of the bed. Like maybe the mopar soft roll up tonneau might work...
  11. Mastiff and My Gladiator

    How does the neoprene do with dog hair? I’ve got this fear the dog hair will become basically embedded in it and never vacuum or otherwise be able to be cleaned out. I’ve got a chocolate lab and a husky, so dog hair finds its way into all aspects of my life - literally and figuratively. Great...
  12. Suntop Soft Top

    Just got email saying I should soon get payment email and have one on the way. Thanks for all the reviews and info. Question for those who’ve installed - I have a JTop shade that I keep on under the hard top and when topless to give some shade to my young son in the back. It attaches by buckled...
  13. Finally got my Bedrug and it's awesome!

    Sounds like similar issue and resolution for both of us. Forgot to mention that Alex at RealTruck noted that sometimes the templates don’t line up perfectly. So for anyone who hasn’t installed yet that may want to do their best to lay the bed rug over the top and confirm cutout positions before...
  14. Finally got my Bedrug and it's awesome!

    I did reach out to the vendor I purchased from. Probably same most in this thread purchased from. He was very prompt and thoughtful in his response. He did offer to reach back to the manufacturer, and also pointed out that they are on a 12 week delay. I went back and with some additional Velcro...
  15. Finally got my Bedrug and it's awesome!

    Just getting around to installing mine. Anyone else have issues with the cut out templates not lining up? My driver side bed panel seems like the cut out for the bed light and fixed bed cargo loop / toe down are off by about 1/4 - 1/2 inch. I’m sure I can rig something up. Just little...
  16. Safety Recall W67

    “Not a certain vehicle” -!! Ha! Same here. Appreciate the confirmation and peace of mind knowing it’s been confirmed.
  17. Safety Recall W67

    Thanks for posting. I also checked NHTSA thanks to your lead and got same results. Also interested to see what JeepCares says. Would say it’s like our own little double blind experiment, except we just unblinded half of the double - or something like that. 🤷
  18. Suntop Soft Top

    Thanks very much. Probably my Alzheimer’s and being too lazy to go back and reread messages conspiring together. Appreciate it!
  19. Rokblokz Installed

    Thanks very much for the feedback and pic. Think I agree with you both for my setup and will go with standard length XL. Really appreciate it!
  20. Rokblokz Installed

    Got any pics? I’m debating sizing to order. I’ve got a max tow with the wide axles, and BFG KO2 35x12.5’s. Guessing if I go XL long it will cover, just wondering if I can not go long and have them be effective. Thanks.