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  1. Options for Quick Removable Half Rack

    Are you open to a soft roll up cover? That may make this search easier. I believe I’ve seen some that have extending brackets out from the rails. Then you just need to roll it out if the way for the rack to go on?
  2. If you could do it over - What would you change?

    Thanks to all here on the forum there's not much I would change. I was able to get a lot of information and feedback and got the trim that made sense for me. If I could re do it -I want the Punk'n. Wasn't available for 2021. I wanted a bright stand out color. Orange is my favorite color. No...
  3. Badge of honor app options

    correct. They have to build it in iOS. Just curious - what are you wanting to see on it from your car screen?
  4. Badge of honor app options

    apps only show up if they’ve been built for car play by the app owners. It does not act like a screen extension to use anything from your phone.
  5. Let's Talk About Uconnect Version 5

    Honestly I use Apple Car Play 99% of the time. Looking up what Uc5 has I don’t really see any need for it. sure it’s a redesign and updates maybe easier. But even if I have it my radio will sit at the car play screen the whole time still. Which will look the same. I am pretty content with UC4...
  6. Leaking axle seal?

    my dealer is or at least claims to be. Not a mechanical person in any way at all so maybe it’s not even a thing to do? Lol
  7. 2021 Apple carplay issues?

    Today mine held a Zoom call for the full 45mins without a freeze. That has never happened before. iPhone 12 Pro. Center Port. Only thing different is I am on 15.0.1 maybe some hope??
  8. Crazy ants - anybody got tips for dealing with them?

    huh. Had no idea that was a name. Honestly thought poster was calling them crazy as in just being annoying or something. these really suck then. Sorry OP no idea how to help with this
  9. Crazy ants - anybody got tips for dealing with them?

    The liquid ant bait from Terro works GREAT here in the Midwest. maybe place one near a tire and let it be for a day or two. They drink it up and take it back to the nest and share. At first it will pull them out to the extreme to collect it but then they’ll be gone in a day or two. This can...
  10. Gladiator on a tight Black Bear Pass switchback. Drone footage.

    I’d love to do this for the view. But those turns and all the roll off stories just have me :lipssealed: appreciate you sharing. The first one gave me some confidence. The second one took that away
  11. Rivian R1T First Drive reviews

    Something like this had come to my mind too. Your "fill up" is pulling into an authorized station that lifts and just swaps your battery to a full charged one. Say 15min max. and you're back on the road. But, seems like the tech to speed up charging is pushing forward fast enough this wouldn't...
  12. Which Badge of Honor trails can I do on a stock JTRD

    If you’re going through MO - Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMORR) near Seymore,MO has two easy badges; Pee Wee’s Crossing and Guard Rail. did both stock sport s(in dry weather). Only damage was a (tiny) slice in a tire but I toss that to dumb luck plus the factory Bridgestones.
  13. Leaking axle seal?

    Sorry to hear yours is having so many difficulties. I've learned on this forum I apparently have one of the few good dealers right near me. I hope this new one for you improves.
  14. Leaking axle seal?

    Eh. If the part was sitting there and waiting to go I might agree with that. However it is not their fault they can't get an ETA. They can't magically make one get made, and I understand there could be hundreds of other JTs waiting in front of me. Is what it is. The leak is minor enough there's...
  15. Leaking axle seal?

    Update from my dealer visit. Confirmed leaking axle seal. Confirmed new axle shaft is needed. Part was ordered - service department told me it was backordered and there was absolutely no eta given. Told it was safe to drive but since they have no timeline want me to stop by about once a...
  16. 2022 Rumors? has 10/6 been mentioned before???
  17. Anything I should bring on our 1st "Trip"?

    Yeah -this is my first "real Jeep". Bought in March. First nice weather with panels outs and my nose and forehead we're nice and red that week. Oops. Been a lot better with the sunshade in but I still put it on often. I keep some in Jeep. Also I would second the ear plugs. It's no big deal on...
  18. Anything I should bring on our 1st "Trip"?

    Sunscreen if the top is off. I learned quick even in 70degree and wind the sun still bakes you. :LOL:
  19. 2021 Apple carplay issues?

    I’ve learned mine mostly works fine unless I’m trying to use it on a call or voice to text. Those were a 50-50 shot it would work through it. iOS 15 seems to have made it worse than 50-50 so far
  20. When Sirius/XM trial ends, what will I be missing?

    I find the services quite useful. I will still complain about the cost. For XM I liked the sports channels. I am minority in the USA and prefer soccer and there's not a lot of options to hear games but they had channels. Was nice on drives or when I just didn't want music and a game was on...