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  1. What was your ride before the JT?

    My Gladiator Rubicon replaced my daily driver 99 XJ.
  2. If you could do it over - What would you change?

    Wouldn't change anything. Spent several months getting all the info I could from this forum and thinking about what I would be happy with in the long run. Ordered to my specs.
  3. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2021 U.S. Sales Figures Results in Best Third Quarter Ever

    I'm amazed that they are still selling the Jeep Patriot. Last model year was 2017 and they sold 7 this year. Must be selling off old inventory. I'm impressed Wrangler sales up 10% over previous year and Gladiator sales up 25% over previous year.
  4. Off-road For Beginners…

    The 4:1 low range on the Rubicon transfer case does take a little time to get used to, but eventually you'll learn to drive it smoothly. Use 4LO when off-road running below 15MPH, you can manually shift the trans to stay at a reasonable RPM.
  5. Allow myself to introduce... Myself...

    Congrats and welcome!
  6. Do you even wheel ?

    I use my 2004 TJ Rubicon for wheeling but hope to take my stock JT Rubicon out to Colorado some year to do some trails. I'd like to go to All-4-Fun, the weeklong event put on by Mile High Jeep Club.
  7. Floor mats with ordered models

    I ordered the Mopar slush mats on my vehicle build. When you're paying below invoice price it makes sense. I don't need to have a set of carpeted mats sitting in my attic, I'll only use the slush mats.
  8. What does Diesel vs Gasoline cost per gallon for you locally?

    Last night 87 unleaded was 2.999, diesel was 3.339. Noticed that the pumps have a label with taxes listed for gas and diesel, broken down by state tax and federal tax. Tax on diesel is higher in Ohio. The funny thing I've noticed is that the stations will raise and lower gas prices during the...
  9. Gladiator Engine Break-in?

    Page 156 in manual. Drive moderately first 300 miles. After 60 miles, speeds up to 50 to 55 are desirable. Brief full-throttle acceleration while cruising.
  10. To many mods to pick help

    It's called Rough Country for a reason, stay away from it.
  11. VIN Label Application During Assembly

    Maybe someone who works in the Jeep assembly plant can answer this. When does the VIN label (with the MDH) on the B pillar get put on the Jeep during the assembly process? Would it be when the body and chassis first come together, at the end of assembly or somewhere in between? I'm just...
  12. Anyone experienced with 2004 - maybe Wrangler? radiators?

    Well it appears the original radiator lasted 16 years, so go with Mopar OEM radiator. That's what the TJ forums will tell you. Many people have tried the all aluminum radiators and found that they leaked/poorly built. If you can't get the OEM, then go with a NAPA oem replacement. Stay away from...
  13. Does Select Trac come with a 3.73 axle Ratio?

    No SelectTrac refers to the optional transfer case. It doesn't require a specific axle ratio. The transfer case has an extra position "4 Hi Auto" in addition to the normal positions of 2 Hi, 4 Hi, N, 4 Lo.
  14. Wheel locks. Does this look right?

    It doesn't look good to me, looks like your wheel is only held on by 4 lug nuts. I'd take it back, demand they remove those and install the regular lug nuts. I'm not a fan of wheel locks.
  15. Do you switch between 4H and 4L?

    I haven't used my JTR offroad yet, but I have an 04 TJR that sees regular offroad use. At least in the eastern US put it in 4LO and keep it there if you're under 15 mph, otherwise 4HI for higher speeds. Have had several new people on trail rides over the years with JK's who had it in 4HI and...
  16. Won't move in reverse

    Are you wearing your seat belt? I can open my door and back up, but I do wear the seat belt.
  17. Putting a JTRD order in next week. How's my build? Questions...

    From what I've read recently, no orders are currently being taken. You will be ordering a 2022 model.
  18. 4 extra gallons of gas

    I do remember seeing this, but it isn't on my window sticker, probably since I ordered mine. I imagine it is some kind of marketing BS. My salesman had the tank already filled for me.
  19. VIN assigned in 3 days time

    My salesman sent me a text with the VIN less than a week after ordering.
  20. How Many Miles...

    Ordered ours, had 8 miles on it at delivery.