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  1. 2021 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist - ThinSkinz

    Love my skinz, so stoked for you all!
  2. $2000 upcharge out of the blue for mojave near me....

    Yeah that is in no way bone stock, Mine was close to stock and it was 46000. It only had auto trains, non painted hardtop. No bed liner, 7 inch sterso etc. That one has lots of goodies
  3. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    They are very shinny but I only use them when I have the dog in the rig, and she does not seem to care, or I have a bunch of gear, and so far the gear has been silent on the matter. So I'm not sure why folks don't want the shinny. I mean who really cares at the end of the day when you take em...
  4. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    I ordered my set from you guys on Thursday of last week and had them on Friday. This is one of the best products I have ever had for any of my Jeeps. I cant thank you enough for saving my back doors from my boxer. I posted a video about them on the Jeep Gladiator facebook page and sent a...
  5. Bare bones sport manual

    Absolutely these days, Nazis are everywhere :CWL:
  6. Bare bones sport manual

    Yeah I would go Mojave if you can take the extra expense. My Mojave has just a few options, hard top auto trans and the extras it comes with as a Mojave. For the kind of driving I do as an archaeologist in California it is hard to beat. I looked at a Rubicon and have had a Rubicon JK Unlimited...
  7. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Hahah1. That’s what I’m hoping for , my birthday is August 8th!
  8. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Cool, I ordered mine on the 19th, maybe I will get to paint soon also .
  9. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    When did you order yours ? That is awesome!
  10. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Lets see, rubicon, I got bed liner, auto trans, leather, black hard top, slush matts, cargo group w/trail system, auxillary switches, 8.4 radio upgrade, cold weather, trailer tow package.
  11. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    I asked this morning and did not get a direct "code" but the rep told me this "I am showing that at this time all of the materials needed to start the build process have been received. The vehicle should be entering the build process very soon." Always good to here, especially since my order...
  12. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Oh, I just went to the FCA site =, started a chat, it gives you the option to put in a VON and a VIN or just one of them, I didnt have a VIN. I put in the VON and started the chat and the nice lady gave me my VIN and the current status of my SG order which like most of us was D.
  13. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Ordered Sting Grey Rubicon on 6/18 VIN Assigned 6/21. Lets do this
  14. Best Deals at Dealerships here in Socal

    Oh crap , didn’t realize you were in so cal , well that’s a score for you then . Would have driven up to Claremont if I’d known .
  15. Best Deals at Dealerships here in Socal

    Unfortunately no one here is doing that , I’ve purchased cars out of state but it’s a hassle
  16. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Ordered mine last night, JT Rubicon. I wanted the trail cam but it was not available, does not seem like anyone can order that. Kinda sucks but oh well. First they told me I had to order the LED light group to get the trail cam, then said I could not even order the trail cam. No LEDs or trail...
  17. Best Deals at Dealerships here in Socal

    I ordered mine yesterday at Bob Baker in Carlsbad. They sell at MSRP and I was able to order exactly what I wanted. They had some overlands that they added lifts and bigger tires and wheels to, but they were asking and additional 6500 for the lift, wheels and tires and to top that off not...