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  1. Ecodiesel Firecracker Sport S Build

    And this past weekend during a Jeep run in Eastern Washington.
  2. Ecodiesel Firecracker Sport S Build

    A better photo of my overnight detour to the Salt Flats on the way down to the Overland Expo West.
  3. 3.0 EcoDiesel Oil - Mopar part number

    Just saw this on the Facebook, a discussion about dealerships using the wrong oil.
  4. Ecodiesel Firecracker Sport S Build

    Another trip in the books. Traveled from Tacoma, WA to Overland Expo and back, just over 3000 miles at 20 MPG. Now that my work trips are over for now, looking forward to getting out and enjoying it on my own time!
  5. Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) Introduces New Half Doors For Gladiator (as Part of Dual-Door Group)

    I agree, I will be in the market for them when they hit the used market.
  6. Which Axles?

    I'm confused, what's your point. That spec sheet says what I said above? It lists the Dana M210 and M220 wide track axles are included with the Max tow Package which is an option for the gasser but not the diesel and standard on the Mojave (diesel not available with in the Mojave trim), High...
  7. Which Axles?

    Correct, but this is the diesel section, you can't get a Max Toe and Diesel. The Max Toe is wide, just like the Rubicon and High Altitude. I will edit my post above since people with gassers will also find this thread.
  8. Which Axles?

    My information is based on the information from one of the Jeep Gladiator engineers. All Gladiators have the current generation Dana 44 front and rear. However, only the Rubicon, Mojave (not available with the diesel) and High Altitude model plus the Max Tow option (also not available with the...
  9. Anyone planning on going to the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff?

    I am leaving on Monday from Tacoma, WA. My jeep will be in the Mule Expedition Outfitters booth (I work there). Looking forward to a the road trip and some camping and photography along the way.
  10. Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) Introduces New Half Doors For Gladiator (as Part of Dual-Door Group)

    Looks to be about 4.5" lower which would make a difference when off-roading. I have been in all sort of years of Jeep with full, half and no doors in all kinds of terrain. Half doors make a big difference when you can see what you are getting close to.
  11. Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) Introduces New Half Doors For Gladiator (as Part of Dual-Door Group)

    When off-road, half doors make a huge difference in visibility because they are lower. And for me, easier on the shoulder as I always rest my arm on the door. I will have to wait a few years, these are little steep.
  12. Which Axles?

    The center sections are the same, but the tube length and diameter are larger on the Rubicon and High Altitude models. Bother are 2" overall wider than the other packages such as my Sport S.
  13. Anyone using an ARB Zero Fridge?

    Not the ZEROs, but the previous classic models were. The current ZEROs are made by a different company to ARB's specs to handle off-road abuse.
  14. Am I the first EcoDiesel starter failure?

    Out of curiosity, do you use the auto start stop feature?
  15. Ecodiesel Firecracker Sport S Build

    Time for Nitro Gears and ARB Air Lockers front and rear.
  16. Ecodiesel Firecracker Sport S Build

    Camper is on! Tomorrow I start on the electrical.
  17. Alu Cab Canopy or RSI Smartcap Adventure

    I think its because people have the ultimate goal of mounting a tent to the top and the availability of Alu-Cab load bars that bolt right on. We list an overall weight around 125 lbs with a dynamic load rating of 330 lbs. If you have seen one in person, they look industrial, almost overbuilt, so...
  18. Alu Cab Canopy or RSI Smartcap Adventure

    We sell and install both. The Alu-Cab seams to be the more popular model with about a 5 to 1 ratio. And a lot of people end up mounting tents to the Alu-Cab models later on. I think both product look great, but I kind of like the Alu-Cab better. But I am also a fan of boxy vehicles, so thats...
  19. Ecodiesel Firecracker Sport S Build

    Got a special delivery today, the Alu-Cab Canopy camper has arrived. I am starting the install tonight but will probably take a few days as time allows.