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  1. Loose Steering?

    Been busy the last week. I'll try again this coming weekend. Just have to put on my big boy pants and CRANK IT. After suitable heating of course.
  2. Loose Steering?

    Update on my JT. I have both the wandering and play in the steering. Two separate problems. Over the weekend I installed the Synergy track bar bracket and sector shaft brace. It stopped the wandering and the steering is much more precise. However, the play and steering dead spot is still there...
  3. Lower control arm removal help

    I had a similar issue when settling the control arms. The trick was to use a long cheater on the inside nut of the frame rail while having a wrench on the outside bolt head.
  4. Loose Steering?

    I checked mine a couple weeks ago and it is the same. I am thinking I will install the trackbar/sector shaft bracket from Synergy.
  5. Loose Steering?

    Had the JT back in for an oil change and replace the steering damper they recommended the last time I had it in. After 3 days, they said it does not need the steering damper just an alignment which I had done by an independent shop and done perfectly. But whatever. So then the service manager...
  6. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    I'm in! Please don't make it too tall. I'm getting old.
  7. Bed lights switch inside the bed?

    That's a whole new level of enlightened...
  8. Bed lights switch inside the bed?

    Just trying to lighten the mood...
  9. Bed lights switch inside the bed?

    Someone should shine a light on this problem. Hopefully to illuminate the issue. Thereby bringing us all out of the dark... ;)
  10. What is Latin for Sword?

    I ordered something different! Latex.
  11. What is Latin for Sword?

    I know. I hate it. I have looked at several replacements but nothing has been worth spending money on. Probably just find a good plain black frame on Amazon.
  12. What is Latin for Sword?

    My new plate!
  13. Collision Avoidance False Positives

    Mine went "off" three times for no reason and almost caused me to get hit from behind. Scared the bejeebers out of me and gave me a mild case of whiplash. After the third time I turned it to warning only. It always happened near a certain spot on I285. There is a TSB for Wranglers with this...
  14. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) - and its indicator light

    Mine went off 3 different times and slammed on the brakes for no reason. Was not close to anybody. Luckily all times I was in slow traffic. I moved it to warning only. I'm not confident in the system or the dealers ability to find and fix.
  15. I've Got Wood!

    Sorry I tossed the measurements. However, I found them on a short video on YouTube. I was 3 2x4s.
  16. I've Got Wood!

    I was worried too. I live 3 miles from Home Depot. Next time I'll run it under instead of over.
  17. I've Got Wood!

    It is official.
  18. Signs the JT Market is Softening?

    Received an ad today for big local Jeep dealer here in Atlanta, $6k off Rubicon JT. Couple months ago I couldn't even get them to talk to me about anything less than full MSRP.
  19. SEMA 2019

    Unfortunately this will be my 16th year at SEMA. At least this year I have a personal interest in walking the halls instead of just work related. Still not a fan of Vegas week...