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  1. RSI Smartcap

    Thanks for the reply but I think I am going to go a different route as I am simply not confidant that an Oct-Nov delivery will happen when RSI did not even notify their dealer network of the reduced deposits at its release After being told they would need a 50% non refundable deposit to place...
  2. RSI Smartcap

    I tried to get in on the Gladiator pre order, what a snafu.. I was not contacted by a dealer after submitting the order but was contacted by an RSI rep a week later to be sure someone had contacted me. He then had someone contact me from Leonard that wanted a 50% deposit vs the as advertised...
  3. Am I too big for a gladiator?

    Nice find! I ordered it just now, headed out for 12 days to NM on Friday, this looks like it'll help a lot.
  4. Tazer JL Mini issue with cruise control

    After the initial issue I turned off the TPMS system via the tazer for awhile and forgot about it. Last week I messed with it again and it has been fine with everything since then.
  5. My EVO/Teraflex lift

    Crap, I typed it backwards of what was in my mind so yeah, you’re right. I need to go edit..
  6. My EVO/Teraflex lift

    Yes, that too.
  7. Anyone found Yakima bars/mounts that fit into the Gladiator Trail Rail system?

    What awning are you running and how did you attach it to the crossbars? The backing nuts that are included are actually a long bar with the threads in each end. You cannot install it into the trail rail without unbolting the trail rail to gain clearance. You could probably cut the bar But I...
  8. My EVO/Teraflex lift

    So first of all let me start by saying I am one of the few who thinks that the stock Rubicon suspension sucks. Its way too soft and the shocks allow far too much sponginess in the rear. It had to go.. I tried holding out to see what others will have to offer such as Teraflex, MC etc but I...
  9. Anyone found Yakima bars/mounts that fit into the Gladiator Trail Rail system?

    Yes and no,, you can take the rails off and use the C-clamps that are included with the Outpost or you can do it as explained above with additional hardware made for the Tacoma. I did the install with the Tacoma bracket but in hindsight I'd skip the extra $$ for the Tacoma adapters and remove...
  10. Tazer JL Mini issue with cruise control

    I’ll have to try that again myself as I have kinda forgotten that my TPMS is turned off because of this issue. I’ll try that sometime and will try to remember to update when I do.
  11. JKS 3-3.5" lift now available

    Great, thanks. That is pretty much inline with how I felt about their lift on my JKUR and still do 3 yrs later. Did it firm up the ride or is it still pretty plush? I wish they offered it without shocks altogether but oh well..
  12. JKS 3-3.5" lift now available

    Is there any other shock at this price point that is not either dumpster bound at that point or serviced by the manufacturer only? They can be had for $600 for a set of 4, same as Fox.. at $150 ea I’m buying new anyhow no matter the brand vs waiting on rebuilding at who knows how much $$...
  13. JKS 3-3.5" lift now available

    That looks great, how does it ride now? Is it a firmer ride than stock was? I see there is a Heavy Duty spring option, which did you go with?
  14. Mounting Solar Panels on Roof?

    I've been running a dual Odyssey battery setup in my JKUR for a few years. With a fridge, some lighting, charging electronic devices etc I can stay out indefinitely with a high quality 60w folding solar panel without ever starting the engine. If I am driving at all on a given day I do not need...
  15. My towing opinions after a few tows.

    After a few tows with the Gladiator my opinion on its worthiness has significantly changed. I was very skeptical on its ability to tow anything near what its rated for comfortably. I have made a 2k mile tow with my teardrop behind me from NC to NY/CN border and it pulls it just fine up to 70-75...
  16. JKS 3-3.5" lift now available Just an FYI, I just noticed that JKS now has their 3-3.5" system available. I have their 3.5" system on my JKUR and really like the ride it gives and Offroad performance so I am...
  17. Steel 3 piece bumper skid plate(s) -UPDATED now with happy ending

    At $8 ea I'll roll the dice, in too deep to give up now!!
  18. Steel 3 piece bumper skid plate(s) -UPDATED now with happy ending

    So the steel bumper along with the Warn winch carrier does support the winch fairlead, it is all bolted together so winching at angles are no issue. But the skid plate that came with the plastic bumper will not bolt up without major cutting so I'm ordering the skid plate also. In hindsight I...
  19. Thule Xsporter Pro

    Gotcha, thanks. For it to be as low as shown in the pic it will most likely be useless in any position other than what it is shown or a few inches higher as it probably won't go up high enough now to haul anything above the roofline which is the point of it being adjustable IMO. Damn that fuel...
  20. Steel 3 piece bumper skid plate(s) -UPDATED now with happy ending

    I ordered the steel bumper via Bam also but did not go with the skid plate. I will be mounting a Warn winch in it using a Warn mounting plate. As best as I can tell as I don't have it yet, the Warn mounting plate ties the fairlead to the mounting plate itself so winching at any angle will not...