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  1. RSI Smartcap

    Honesty and forthrightness is ALWAYS Best . . . "The Truth Will Always Be" Good On Ya RSI .
  2. RSI Smartcap

    You had better, after that white glove treatment by RSI, ha ha . . . looking forward to seeing Your Rig build-out . :like:
  3. RSI Smartcap

    Hmmm . . . what a difference 2 hours makes . . . Very thoughtful analysis and delivery sir ! Couldn't of said it better myself . :like:
  4. RSI Smartcap

    Hang on to that repel-rope my friend . . . It's been a massive undertaking and RSI probably can't BE or SEE all that goes on with those "New Vendors" !?. Presumptions not with standing, let's face it there are some "less than honorables amongst us" who are more than happy to try and take...
  5. RSI Smartcap

    Yes I know that is why I requested the same on a RAM . . . You know how it is when your overly anxious & the world is spinning 'round in the wrong direction !?. I guess in 1 word -- ANTSY !
  6. RSI Smartcap

    Yes Yes . . . nearly 3 times per week . . . but I'm STILL waiting on a real or rendered RAM 1500 QUAD Cab / 6ft-4inch bed - Rebel would be nice since you have a Crew Rendering of IT on the Instagram -- Way Nice too . . . the Proportions seem nearly 'Spot On" ! I'm In the Market for the EVOc...
  7. RSI Smartcap

    Again, why you feel the need to bring up "Old JuJu" from way back when ? Not enough talking points CURRENTLY ?
  8. RSI Smartcap

    Why You pulling up "old dirt" from way back in NOVEMBER ?
  9. Gladiator Truck Cap Photo Comparison

    JUST A HEADS UP RSI -- YOUR WEBSITE HOMEPAGE FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM ICONS INDICATE A MALFUNCTION TO EACH SITE FOR THE PAST 2 DAYS . . . since I've been checking? Also, I know it's a bit early, but "ass-u-ming" your planning on using the '5thGenRam' Forum site for FCA-US's other off...
  10. Tops! Canopy / covers / toppers / racks possibilities for Gladiator - Show me!

    Well, when he's old enough to get a permit you'll have to teach him . . .
  11. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Don't forget to keep track at 'U.M.' website for the Expected delay times from - time of Order / down payment to time of Delivery or time when you can Go and have them install -- just prior to the Covid-19 Debacle it was ~ 4 months . . . IF people are ordering the JLU version while not in...
  12. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    Is that type of "FISHING" legal in Wisconsin ? I've seen a video or two, many years ago, of Louisianan's up to their necks in muddy water grabbing for Catfish . . . is it similar ? Any "Style Points" awarded ? ;):like: .
  13. Tops! Canopy / covers / toppers / racks possibilities for Gladiator - Show me!

    Oh, with regards to the LAST photo . . . don't you just get annoyed when the "kids" photo-bomb your shots ? Jeez ! :LOL:
  14. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    I've been one of those wishing & hoping for the Wrangler JLU version . . . for years, when it was originally supposed to be months . . . remember that ? Now with the Worldly Disruptions, waiting for a Gladiator "Cap Camper" from Ursa Minor, even though hinted at by them, gonna be a LOOONG...
  15. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Answer #1 --Good to know, "no medications required" - I'm already on to many meds as is, doctor says I should consider cutting back . . . ;) :LOL: . Also good . . . NO SHIMS Required or provided .
  16. Tops! Canopy / covers / toppers / racks possibilities for Gladiator - Show me!

    I can't tell, but is yours Color matched ( minus the doors of black ) ? I think color matching IF ya can get a Very Good Match is the way to go and if not, some truck color that totally offsets the Cap standard Color makes it an "in your face" thing of beauty ! I do like the contrasting...
  17. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    I was sure (not really) that yu might put some sort of Molle system on the back panel . . . ? Further on in the Thread Steffen shows his cabinet from a different angle and it appears either misaligned or is it "normal" for the sides to not be at the same angled shape as the CAP ? I say that as...
  18. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    THANK YOU for that clarification . . . I had just looked over your other Thread and was getting confused about HOW the Clamps are USED . . . and to be honest I'm still a bit unsure about you having 2 styles of clamps ? . . . for trail rail systems and Standard side wall Beds . Could you...
  19. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    When the video 1st started my reaction was, ugh, previous Gen. again, but was quickly reassured that the Assembly AND Install are indeed the New / Final USA product . Another item of interest, that honestly I was concerned with - those C-CLAMPS ! In fact if I may cite that ROKON Thread...
  20. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    I knew I was gonna forget something and have to do another post, and yet I forgot to do IT . . . so ! The other thought IS . . . WHEN, as close as predictable, do you "Imagine" RSI Manufacturing & Bringing to USA, . . . a Product Similar (better) than the (again with the Alu-Cab...