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  1. Black Friday Deals

    I got an email from pedal commander about their BF deal $75 off. I’ll be picking up one of those for the wife’s new JL. I am also in need of a Tazer Mini, slush mats, stubby antenna, and all the rest of typical first mods. Any one see or hear of the deals coming this year? Hey vendors, feel free...
  2. No TPMS

    Yeah I am looking for a set of take off sport wheels but so far all I’ve found have had the sensors already scavenged or I couldn’t confirm the build date. My fear is buying a set and getting hosed with a set of pre June build sensors that would be worthless to me. anyone confirm the sensors in...
  3. No TPMS

    Anyone roll without TPMS sensors? Wanting to order new wheels and tires for my wife’s new jeep but the late 21 sensors are unobtanium from the dealer or elsewhere so I’m considering just going without. Any issues with this? Before anyone asks the factory take offs will be sold complete because...
  4. Anyone add wider fenders to their Gladiator?

    Some factory pizza cutters should do the trick! If you were closer you could borrow mine. I have 5 with less than 40 miles in them taking up space.
  5. 37” tire that is really 37”🤔

    I love my 37-12.50 ridge grapplers, iirc they are about 35.75” mounted with 30psi. Should I feel slighted they owe me an inch snd a quarter? Lol.
  6. dv8

    I have not seen those personally but I am skeptical of all DV8 products. Most of their bumpers, steps and flare products I’ve seen have been very low quality and their packaging is even worse. I wouldn’t trust them with any sort of electronic or electrical component. Go with Oculus headlight...
  7. What was your ride before the JT?

    2017 Chevy Suburban Z-71
  8. Mojave Hood Swap for Sport Hood

    Rubi is a straight swap with a sport
  9. Blue Wheels?

    Ordered my wife a JLUR for her birthday. It’ll be here in 2 months and I wanted to start shopping wheels. Keeping it stock height but want some good looking wheels to replace the rubi stockers. Thinking maybe blue since the new addition will be Tuscadero Pink. I know this is a JT page but just...
  10. Please Introduce 392 Hemi Gladiator

    Umm….. DEF, Recirc, particulate filters, diesel fuel, no deletes, etc to name just a few.
  11. Please Introduce 392 Hemi Gladiator

    I can’t come up with cool Billion but I am willing to trade my left nut for one.
  12. Hood Vents?

    Hydro guide, lol! Creative name for a rain gutter. Part of the 74,995 I suppose
  13. Sway bar Quick disconnects

    Ordered a set of Rock Krawler Gen 2 for my JT.
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Don’t drill it. Take your time and Do it right. I see so many posts about people “re-engineering” Rustys parts because they don’t install them properly. If the folks at rustys read this forum they must shake their head.
  15. How do you know when it’s time?

    Right on. I have topless CJ I can drive if and when I want the full experience. The JT is a different deal especially if my other half is riding along. She tolerates it under the best of conditions, anything less than perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold, not too windy) and I get a earful...
  16. JTops (photos please)

    I need to revise my endorsement of the JTOPS top. Yes it’s quality when it’s on and in use but it’s billed as being able to be left on under the hard top. I discovered first hand today that this is not the case. Yeah you can put the rear hard top on but there’s no way to secure the freedom...
  17. How do you know when it’s time?

    To put the hard top and doors back on for the fall/winter? Mine have been off since May but driving to work last week in the 50’s was brisk. Looks like highs in the low 80’s for the next 2 weeks but mornings are cold and damp. Jeep stays in the garage overnight but I’m thinking it’s time. I’m...
  18. Newbie question here... Should my spare be the same expensive wheel and tire as the rest?

    My non matching 37” spare is conveniently located in my storage bldg.
  19. One Year Later......

    a steady diet of hundred dollar bills!