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  1. Dealer Oil Change Issue

    My dealer sometimes gets it right other times they don’t so I bought a small pump to suck out the oil after I get home. It takes less than 5 minutes and I’m done once the freebies are over I’ll do my own here is what I use just put one hose down the dipstick hole...
  2. Issue with 8.4 screen and Jeep Cares...or doesn't.

    Hate to say not jeeps problem
  3. Will changing my own oil void the warranty?

    No just keep receipts of what you bought
  4. Well Farts ( Youtube rescue video)

    the truck is toast it will not be re sold with water damage
  5. Map update

    Anyone have that email that gave the map update with a discount
  6. Map update

    We have to pay for map updates?
  7. Discount Tire Direct | Flash Sale Savings!!!

    looking for a set of 4 FUEL WHEELS ASSAULT D546 to replace my OEM on my 2020 Mojave any special going on now I do have the America's tire card
  8. Oracle Flush Mount Taillights Arrived Today

    Looks pretty good
  9. Gas mileage is concerning..

    I avg 14-15 city and 17-19 hwy and that’s on good days
  10. Bought used Gladiator last night....2nd used Jeep product with 35 inch ridge grapplers

    I have Patagonias 35s on my stock Mojave wheels so no issue there
  11. Road Armor stealth front bumper on a Mojave?

    I don’t have that bumper but this one I have no issues. I bought the one with winch plate and the ends are removable if you want a stubby bumper...
  12. Has anyone disabled telematics / LTE and GPS antennas?

    Just buy a Jeep with the 5 inch radio and call it a day
  13. Market Adjustments - LOFL

    Thankfully here in the Sacramento area at the four jeep dealers around here not seeing this practice yet
  14. Market Adjustments - LOFL

    The bay area in California has a lot of jeeps with a $5000 mark up
  15. Used gladiator pricing

    You should never count on MODs adding value unless it’s an engine upgrade like you out a Hemi in it and you still won’t get what you paid. At least with a smart buyer
  16. Used gladiator pricing

    Just ran it through Carvana 6 month ago the offered 52,000 for my Mojave now it’s 44,500
  17. Used gladiator pricing

    Here in my area the carvana price dropped a lot used to be what I paid now it’s under that by 5,000
  18. Time for New Tires

    I have the milestar Patagonia and they are a great tire. Nice and quite and work great in snow and mud
  19. (Solved) Dealer Deposit Refund on Botched Order

    I would have just disputed it with the CC and never ever think about that piss poor dealer again. Which you did the dispute so your good.