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  1. What was your ride before the JT?

    2011 BMW 328i
  2. If you could do it over - What would you change?

    I probably would've gone Mojave. I got a good deal on an Overland that had all the options I wanted except the bed power outlet in December 2019 before the Mojave came out.
  3. Terrifying issue with forward collision system malfunction - anyone else experience?

    Video would be helpful. Lift excuse is BS. I've got 2.5-3" lift on mine and nothing like you are describing. Haven't had issues getting service because of the lift either.
  4. Terrifying issue with forward collision system malfunction - anyone else experience?

    Had the same experience in a parking garage in downtown Houston. Repeated warnings but never applied the brakes. I had been in parking garages before without this issue but I think it was because this one was compact. You could barely get two cars abreast of each other going up or down and only...
  5. Just installed DDI seat slammers... WOW

    I think they tried to make some adjustability, or rather just carried it over from the JL, but it isn't going to work for everyone. FYI average American male height is ~5'9" so this may be used as a design parameter
  6. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Rear Sliders, Hoop & Snorkel

    This. I'd also be interested in if it will fit with other aftermarket bumpers but that may be asking too much. Most of the ones I am interested in won't work with the rear sliders.
  7. Texas All Weather Floor Mats - $60

    I do but nothing planned in the near future
  8. Texas All Weather Floor Mats - $60

    Sent you a PM
  9. How long do you plan to keep this truck?

    With the money invested and the plan to put more in I'm keeping it until it doesn't go anymore. I don't wheel as often as I like but hoping to change that once the boys get older and location changes.
  10. Texas All Weather Floor Mats - $60

    $31 via FedEx
  11. Texas All Weather Floor Mats - $60

    Houston Area
  12. Texas Sold: All Weather Floor Mats - $60

    In great condition. Houston area. Will ship at buyers cost.
  13. Texas Free 2020 Overland Take Off Suspension

    Overland takeoff suspension removed at 7k miles over a year ago. Want to get it out of the garage as its just been collecting dust.
  14. Sway bar Quick disconnects

    I'd been interested in your feedback on them after installation. So far minimal on the forum and one youtube video is all I've seen.
  15. Sway bar Quick disconnects

    These get good reviews. Haven't seen much commentary on this forum though
  16. 2.5” lift with 35” tires

    Details are in signature line
  17. Terrifying issue with forward collision system malfunction - anyone else experience?

    I had one false alarm where we were starting from a complete stop. I let off the brake and pressed on the gas, but the Jeep didn't think the car in front of me was going fast enough and auto braked. Only other time it actually activated the brakes was when I swerved around a car to try to get...
  18. GEOLANDAR X-AT feedback?

    Have about 20K miles on mine and only issue was a long nail that Discount Tire gladly pulled out. Plenty of grip and moderate noise. Running about 32 psi on them after chalk test.
  19. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    A few from this morning. Let me know if you want others