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  1. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    I HAVE A BUILD SHEET. WOO HOO. Hopefully it can be delivered by Next Friday to Gupton. I have a business trip next week to Ohio and i could just have my return trip fly to Nashville instead.
  2. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Well my weekly check up and Finally some good news 7/24 ordered - Sport S, Auto, Gas, Pop Eq Pkg, Cold Weather, Gorilla Glass 8/24 Scheduling parts 9/10 Scheduling parts 9/17 Parts have been collected. 9/23 Parts have been collected. 9/28 Parts have been collected. Plant has sequenced my order...
  3. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    You may be the oldest Gecko order on here. Got me by 4 days. I will say it still looks like they are cranking out the Sports. Past 2 days thats the bulk of their builds according to Crypto
  4. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Take it from me though. Everyone is going to say i saw you someplace because they saw a green jeep. People mix me up between challengers and chargers all the time.
  5. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    I saw that and don't believe it. I didn't want to keep giving him bad news.
  6. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club Just add your VIN to the end of the link. If not available it will say, No records found corresponding to the VIN provided
  7. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    That and the Build Sheet PDF and Window Sticker PDF. ABout every hour lol
  8. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    That sucks about your lease. However you just don't know. There is no real rhyme or reason from what we can see on the build strategy. Just not First ordered first built for sure.
  9. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    This is Crypto currently. This only reflects if the user entered their info into Crypto from what i understand.
  10. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Looks like they are doing a run on Sport packages today.:fingerscrossed:
  11. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Yeah thats what gives me hope lol. However my luck there will be something wrong and i will be offered a MY22 and a different color option and higher price lol.
  12. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    9/16 isn't that long. Bunch been waiting since end of July. Placed mine on 7/24.
  13. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Mine is the same as you but not a Max Tow. Like you i have also been waiting since July
  14. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Lol no LEDs but rims will have green on them. At least the lip
  15. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Playing with the 3D emulator today. Shade is off but thats OK.
  16. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Lucky. All I got is 0% 36m. Only decent deals for my zip again is 2.9% for 60 +$1,000 for Overlands.....
  17. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    My gut says they only got to half of that #.