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  1. Do it yourself slider rails?

    I second these. They definitely take a days work but are totally doable. I should note that I took about 6 inches out of the stock Rubi sliders and Alan made me a custom set at no additional cost...great guy and great product.
  2. Colorado Rubicon LED Turn Signals

    $250 OBO, used but in perfect condition. Happy to ship on your dime. Currently located in Denver, CO.
  3. Colorado Trip- Holy Cross, Red Cone, Chinaman Gulch, Iron Chest and St. Elmo to Tin Cup

    Nice! All good trails...glad you got to see Colorado and run some of the best. I love all those trails and BV makes for a good base camp for those trails.
  4. No HardTop HeadLiner for Diesel

    I think it depends on what you are going for. For hot climates, the headliners definitely help keep your head cooler. However, considering the acoustic improvements and aesthetics (I hate the white interior) headliners are a good option. I went with Coverkings Topiliner...
  5. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    Here are a couple pics of mine with shiny aluminum.
  6. UHMW JT belly skid

    No but Artec does,
  7. UHMW JT belly skid

    Not UHMV but this is what I'm installing,
  8. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    Nice truck! KMC Hex beadlocks wrapped in 39" BFG KM3s.
  9. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    Currently running the stock Rubi 44 3.73 ratio you get with the ecodiesel. They are working pretty well. Pulled a 3500lb trailer to the Great Sand Dunes this weekend and averaged 16.5mpg driving between 65-80mph most of the way. Probably gonna go with 4.56 in the new axles.
  10. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    There is absolutely no way any full body rig is crawling up this ledge. My buddy has a rear steer buggy and he's never cleaned that waterfall. He said he's only seen two guys ever do it without pulling winch line and both are professional rock racers. Here is a photo of me at ground level to...
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Installed a rear antirock to replace the poorly designed rear sway bar. Don't get me wrong, the stock sway bar works, but offroad its a rock magnet...see boomerang below. The Rockjock Antirock move the sway bar (torsion bar) above the frame rail with super long arms. A couple notes about the...
  12. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    Glad I can help. Good luck with your build! Separating the fenders and adding the AAL LED kit will definitely help. I ordered their kit back on July 8th and am still waiting. Hope it gets shipped in the next few weeks.
  13. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    The ride is pretty much stock like. After all, it is virtually the same suspension (coils, shocks, arms). The drop brackets helped keep the caster so it rides well. The 3.5" backspacing is definitely a must if you are going to run 39s with this small of a lift. Even now, I rub the fenders. I'll...
  14. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    The travel trailer weighs 3,000lbs dry. It's a pretty small camper.
  15. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    I like to say its stock, but really it's Teraflex 3.5" spacer lift, Rustys trackbars, control arms drop brackets, and some shock extension brackets. Basically the cheapest way to go to run 39s. I'll put a real lift on once I finish my super duty axles.
  16. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    I love the diesel so far. I have wheeled every Jeep engine since the 2.5L 4cyl in the 90's. The 4.0L is a great engine, the 3.8L was. not bad but the tranny was terrible, the 3.6L was great and trans was terrific, the 3.6L with 8 spd is also great. My other rig is a JKU with a 6.0L and 6 speed...
  17. Rock crawling the JTRD (Rubicon Diesel) in South Dakota

    Took a trip with some friends to the Black Hills for some wheeling. A couple things I learned about wheeling in the Black Hills: trails are tight...lots of pinstriping, many trails cross one another or intersect, not a ton of info about the trails, the trail ratings are different than CO/UT. I...
  18. Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) Introduces New Half Doors For Gladiator (as Part of Dual-Door Group)

    Factory half doors with a removeable hard upper would be perfect in my opinion. I'd love half doors if this was an option...this way the doors would look good with a hard top or soft top. Half doors with soft uppers is too pricey and although I'd love a set I simply will never be able to justify...