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  1. Temptations in a crazy market.

    Yes absolutely crazy that Ranger is worth alot of cash right now little trucks are stupid high(im a used car dealer) my idea is order a brand new one find a dealer that will give you a deal ! Sell the ranger and keep driving a Gladiator!!
  2. Is there some kind of 'rivalry' with Tacoma owners??

    Ouch !! Proud Dodge truck driver but don't see that....but on the other hand i see the Tacoma hate often in Colorado in my Jk or my Jt but especially when i pass them in my diesel Jt pulling a trailer going uphill lol
  3. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Lol my Jeep dealer was on top of it from day 1 keeping me updated regularly! Johnson Auto of Laramie, Wy by far best dealer I've ever delt with and I've been a used car dealer 32 years!
  4. What was your ride before the JT?

    Myself was Jk still have it I'm a dealer so i usually drive something different all the time but after getting my sport jt diesel i love it
  5. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    They go in next Tuesday for lifts and 37's hopefully bumpers following week
  6. Please Introduce 392 Hemi Gladiator

    I agree I agree i love my diesel Gladiator so much power and torque yet 24+ mpg on 37's but the roar of a v8 would be cool i have to admit! My local Jeep store built a Gladiator with a 392 it sounded awesome was not impressed with the handling but would get it for sure
  7. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Absolutely love the loud colors my other Jt is Hyrdo blue love the punk'n!!!
  8. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Thats great i love both of my Jt's. I ordered one of the first ones then was informed i could order the diesel so i weighted glad i did both of mine are diesel and i absolutely love them!! Good luck getting your dad in one its pretty cool having matching Jt's
  9. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    I never smile and the dang sun right in my face i love the Jt with the duesel and with this color i couldn't be happier!!!😎😎😎😎😎
  10. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Definitely easy to spot in a parking lot looks pretty cool sitting next to my 12 Jk same color lol
  11. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    I got my other Jt diesel in Cheyenne but definitely a Johnson Auto customer now!
  12. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Me and my son got them picked up this morning!!!!
  13. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Hey has anyone else got there Gecko green Gladiator? Mine showed up today! Rubicon diesel my son got the matching one both arrived today!!! 2 weeks early
  14. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    Im fairly new to this forum but welcome!
  15. Can't Order 2021 anymore according to Local Sales manager...2022 orders still TBD.

    You'll love the diesel ! Got almost 16k miles on mine absolutely love it just ordered another Jt Rubi in Gecko with the diesel
  16. Can't Order 2021 anymore according to Local Sales manager...2022 orders still TBD.

    Not sure when they stopp Not sure when they stopped ordering 21's but i ordered a 21 Jt Rubi on Thursday for a customer?
  17. Tuscadero Jeep Wrangler announced

    There's perks to being a used car dealer you get to know all the new car dealers real well and get some deals! I still have my wifes 12 Jk Gecko and my 81 Cj 7 guess im kinda a jeep horder lol
  18. Tuscadero Jeep Wrangler announced

    You can order them in any configuration now. The first 2 weeks all we could order was Rubi's in thats what i ordered for my wife she don't know yet but she was a good sport when i ordered my 2nd Jt diesel in Gecko green so her birthdays coming she will be surprised!!
  19. 2021 Ecodiesel Big Issues beaware

    Thats to bad everyone in my Jeep group that has the diesel all get 20+ i put a group email out and with tge 7 members with diesels one 1 issues and it was a charging issue they fixed 1 trip i love mine just ordered a Jt Rubi in Gecko can't wait tell it gets here!!!