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  1. Who else is happy with the Pentastar?

    I am very happy with it. More power than the Tacoma I traded in.
  2. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    The window sticker won’t be available until the build is completed.
  3. Bumper removal and tow hook replacement (Photo heavy)

    Is the metal piece that the fog lights are mounted to removable to be reused on another bumper or would I have to buy adapters?
  4. Utah Bunch of Rubicon free stock takeoff's...

    Do you still have this?
  5. Quadratec Tube Door Issues

    How do you like them? I ordered just the rear set for mine yesterday.
  6. Tennessee Gladiator Parts and Accessories

    Still have the Ace sliders?
  7. Tennessee Ace Rock Slider Driver Side Only

    Im an hour east of Knox
  8. Quadratec Tube Door Issues

    No, mine doesn’t have that piece either. Looking at the video, it looks like something they added to me. Maybe it was on the 2020’s? Idk.
  9. Black Friday Deals

    Meh...plenty of women out there. 😄
  10. Ace rock sliders questions

    There are Barricade Rock Sliders from Extreme Terrain that work with Rubi Rails that are about 1/3 the price of Ace Sliders. I cant speak to the quality but they are currently on a 12 week back order.
  11. Removing top and door and taking them with you

    You can get Bestop soft doors that are supposed to seal like factory doors and they would be easy to throw in the bed.
  12. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    I got my caps in and they look great and shipped fast. @Threedom
  13. Quadratec Tube Door Issues

    I will check mine and let you know. Its a 21 Rubi. Did you have the same issue with the rears? I am thinking about only getting the rear ones.
  14. Quadratec Tube Door Issues

    That stinks because I think they’re the best looking doors out there.
  15. Tennessee WTB: Bestop EZ Roll mounting hardware

    I am looking for mounting hardware for the Bestop EZ Roll tonneau cover.
  16. Emergency brake lever, normal?

    Thanks! Had my OCD twitching.
  17. Emergency brake lever, normal?

    Is this normal or should it be straight?
  18. Rubicon vs Mojave - Accurate video?

    Its all personal preference but for me, it was several things. 1. Tows 1,000 more lbs 2. The strengthened frame is never explained so it’s a guess on what it means. 3. The stronger knuckles are a non factor to me. 4. The OEM Mojave wheels are my least favorite out of all the trims. 5. The on...
  19. Rubicon vs Mojave - Accurate video?

    I researched and test drove both extensively and the Rubicon was the clear winner for me. I’m surprised the Mojave is the same price as the Rubicon tbh.