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  1. Rubicon vs Mojave - Accurate video?

    For me it came down to I like rock crawling so front locker, 4:1, and sway bar discos come in handy. And I like the red accents better than orange. I'd prefer a diesel, but no manual with that option, so non-factor. I still don't understand why people prefer the taller t-case, but I digress.
  2. Rubicon vs Mojave - Accurate video?

    This astounds me. It feels pretty much like when someone says something like, "Well, 100 more horsepower is nice, but completely not necessary..." except more horsepower often comes with some bigger downsides. I've owned both transfer cases in the past. There were times I wished for the...
  3. language

    How do you feel about terms like "airman" being used to refer to female members of the Air Force?
  4. Poor Confused Bronco

    And people scoff every time I'm like, "Bronco, great idea, if only they didn't screw up the front suspension..."
  5. Gladiator vs the power wagon

    I really like the Power Wagon despite being a trail whale, but no manual transmission availability is a deal breaker for me.
  6. Dealer advised pull to the right is normal!

    Wondering if OP ever got any kind of resolution here. This is a lot of money to drop on a truck to have it pull annoyingly and be told it is "normal".
  7. Heated seats with remote start?

    Rode my motorcycle to work today. It was 40 degrees when I left the garage. Heated hand grips were definitely at max, lol. Of course, I think everyone is spoiled on this one. I can't even get remote start because I refuse to buy automatics.
  8. Rough Country Lift Kits

    I had a 4.5" RC lift on my TJ for over 10 years with no complaints. It did some pretty tough trails in Arizona and Colorado.
  9. Relocating the scissor jack?

    I mean something like this: Jeep Gladiator Truck Bed Storage System: Truck Bed Drawers | DECKED Truck Accessories Then maybe something like this to keep the upper packed gear protected and contained: Supertop® for Truck 2 Jeep 2020-2021 Gladiator - Bestop | Leading Supplier of Jeep Tops &...
  10. Relocating the scissor jack?

    Why not build up in the bed?
  11. Dealer added to my order without permission!!

    Well, at least you were in central Mass. In western Mass they treat you rudely then refuse to give back your deposit.
  12. Gupton Motors up to 8% below invoice

    This is an age old debate. I would say vary your RPMs and stay as close as you can to the owners manual's recommendations without losing your sanity driving too slowly. Really, the break in on a gas motor isn't much, and a diesel is non-existent. I don't think you could really go wrong as...
  13. What engine would you prefer? (Revised)

    Doesn"t matter to me unless they pair it with a clutch pedal. More power is always nice, but it loses all its luster when you have a computer shifting for you.
  14. First Look - 2022 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Quickly glancing through, the only thing I noticed other than color was the half doors.
  15. Electric Chainsaw - Amazon Sale - 10/6/21

    I have one of these from a previous sale. It works great. I've cut down a ton of stuff and the battery is still near full.
  16. Off-road For Beginners…

    One thing I suggest to newbies is to find a place you can slowly roll for a bit, put it in 4low 1st gear, and stand on the brake. It's good to know how much brake pressure you can apply, especially on a manual. In a manual Rubicon, it's damned near impossible to push hard enough to stall it...
  17. Gladiator on a tight Black Bear Pass switchback. Drone footage.

    That really tight switchback is what convinced me to put seat risers on my TJ. I'm 5'10", but 35" inseam so no torso. Making those turns while unable to see over the hood is terrifying. Do you have the trail cam and if so, did it help?
  18. Ran over a bungee cord on the road. 4500 miles

    That looks like it could be pluggable. Just buy a tire plug kit, stick a few plugs in it and drive on. If it doesn't hold air, time for a new tire. I had a spare for a few months with 4 plugs in the sidewall on my TJ. It held air okay, but I dreaded the thought of needing to use it. In the...
  19. This is why I lease

    I don't lease for the same reason I don't play competitive poker despite being good enough to always come out ahead in blackjack. It's a whole different game and if you don't know all the ins and outs, you are just going to lose more money. Well, that and tend to own my cars for a long time...
  20. Gupton Motors up to 8% below invoice

    I'm either going with what they come up with or going with Lightstream. It's hard to beat their rates and it's unsecured so you have the title right out the gate. I've paid off two of their loans now and its the easiest lender I've ever dealt with.