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  1. language

    Good on you for teaching [convincing?] your son the importance of using business language and norms when doing business. There is no doubt he texts and talks differently when with his buds. This alone is going to take him far in life. What amazes me is just how horrible the spelling is on...
  2. language

    Just out of curiosity what do you think about the insistence [and in some places actual rule] that you call someone of the gender they "identify with" vice the gender they were born as and look like? Or the insistence that there is no Mr or Mrs or Ms? You're trying to be polite and instead...
  3. Removing top and door and taking them with you

    Great Question. This is partly why I just ordered the dual door concept. The lower doors will be acceptable to the wife unit when doors off was fine with me. So I'll be able to just pull the windows out and toss them in the bed. I think for the hardtop I'm going to get stuck with hanging...
  4. FCA Affiliate is back...

    Pete, Travis at Tri-City confirmed there will NOT be a Tread Lightly discount for 2022 Gladiators. So based on this thread alone you've heard it from Gupton and Tri-City---both high volume custom build dealers. I believe them much more than a call center employee....which is all we're...
  5. Dealer Oil Change Issue

    Bill, I haven't dealt with a MOPAR engine since my '70 Dodge Challenger RT/SE with the 440 Magnum. But I find it hard to believe you feel so confident about running a quart over with modern engines that have such tight tolerances without doing damage. The sump isn't the issue as you're...
  6. In-bed 12v outlet

    No it will not. I spent 2018-2020 crisscrossing the country living in a 45 foot Renegade RV that had an internal 16' garage for my Harley, motorcycle lift, and 3 large tool boxes. For power I had 6 large permanently mounted 180V solar panels and a GoPower Industrial 3000W pure sine wave...
  7. Acquiring a VIN

    I just ordered mine yesterday from Travis at Tri-City and after he did his ordering part he immediately sent me the Priced Order Confirmation with the VON on it.
  8. Is there some kind of 'rivalry' with Tacoma owners??

    I've had way too many Marines with Toyota Trucks of all sizes and they absolutely love them and their reliability to believe this. And being adventure crazy guys they definitely aren't doing the mall crawler crap. I personally don't like them hence the decision to order a JT. Re towing the...
  9. Water trapped in hard top ?? Swishing water noise

    Hey Steve, You wrote you just ordered a '21 which I read as last week or this one---but the order banks have been closed for quite some time now. Did you order earlier or do you realize you're going to be getting a '22 model unless there is a '21 model being shipped to you from another dealer?
  10. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    @ThinSkinz. Are you guys going to do a dual door group option? For those of us crazy enough to Pay the 5K for the dual door group with premium uppers it would be great to have the thin skins on the half doors that I plan on using for 6 months of the year. Matte Black please.....
  11. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Put my deposit down today with Tri-City. The configuration sheet was missing one of my choices so I'll wait to tell you what I ordered until tomorrow and I get the actual order sheet in. So friggin happy I've finally gotten to the order stage....:clap::beer::beer::beer:
  12. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Satin for sure---definitely worth the $30.
  13. 2022 Jeep Gladiator Order Banks & Production Start Dates

    Travis at Tri-City told me yesterday that manufacturing start date of the '22s has now been pushed back to 6 Dec. He also said time from order to pickup is probably going to be longer than the current 8-10 weeks.
  14. First Look - 2022 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Totally agree, I waited, studied, and saved for two years so another 3-4 months just means more savings. Also it's Travis at Tri-City---Brain Fart.
  15. Test drove the Gladiator in the San Diego Market

    NICE Ride! The Jeep looks pretty good too. ;)
  16. Temptations in a crazy market.

    I think your instinct to sell is correct in order to buy the land. It is ALWAYS location, location, location in real estate. If the location is what you want get it when it's available. You can find or order what you want when it comes to vehicles that sell by the 10's of thousands every...
  17. First Look - 2022 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    I'm dealing with Daniel at Tri-City. He told me yesterday that the MY22 build start date is now 6 Dec and I can expect it to take a bit longer from the current 8-10 week build to deliver time. :(
  18. Fox TS Steering Stabilizer Torque Specs

    Good On Ya! I'm amazed at how many Jeep guys here post write ups and videos of the things they do to customize their Jeep and rarely does anyone mention a torque spec. All the videos posted that I've seen over the past 2 years just show the guy/gal cranking the nut down without a torque...
  19. Fuel Tank Capacity

    Hey Andy, Are you running stock tires or something else? If something else did you calibrate for he new ones? I'm like you in that I want to know the range.
  20. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    Welding looks so easy watching a professional---then you do it and look like a first grader.....yours look pretty good.