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  1. Recent Delivered to Rail Yard

    Oh sweet mother of god. Your truck is going to suffer from "rail dust". Google it. Its the scourge of import owners everywhere. Nothing short of a full on paint correction will save your truck after its subjected to "rail dust". Sorry, this was all in fun. Google rail dust and you will...
  2. Tow package on a Mojave, is it worth it?

    He already said he was getting the tow package. he was asking what the 7 pin connector got him if he doesn't order the trailer brake controller.
  3. Mojave sway bar bushings

    Can you be more explicit on when it happens and what it feels like. If you move the wheel left to right to left to right? does it happen over whoops or when the the whole truck unloads the suspension then comes back down. Does it happen if lets say the right side wheels hit a pot hole?
  4. Tow package on a Mojave, is it worth it?

    I don't know how exactly trailer brake controllers determine how much trailer brake to pull in. But I'd bet you that 5 minutes with Google would make you an expert. ha.
  5. Mojave sway bar bushings

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by bounce. but just understand that a sway bar offers no resistance to an up and down motion if both left and right wheels are moving together. So if the whole front end moves up and down, then its not sway bars. The failure you are showing would...
  6. Tow package on a Mojave, is it worth it?

    Its the actual controller. The wires from the 7 pin connector would be wired to the brake controller. Without buying a controller, the 7 pin connector will provide lights but not brakes.
  7. Gorilla Glass pricing?

    It was my understanding that at least the inside layer had to be tempered. I just spent 5 minutes researching it and everything I found said that "safety glass" was 2 layers of tempered glass with poly-vinyl butyra in between. I don't actually know for sure. If you have something that says...
  8. Gorilla Glass pricing?

    All windshields are laminated with a gooey layer of clear rubbery plastic in between 2 layers of tempered glass. I would be that for cost reasons the inside layer is not GG. There's no reason for it to be. So anything you hit will be standard safety glass.
  9. Gupton Motors up to 8% below invoice

    The offer email that I got from Daniel allowed for a personal check. So why make it harder on yourself than it needs to be. Just bring a check book. Daniel and Renee are off on Wednesdays. So every Wednesday those who want to order freak out because Daniel hasn't gotten back to them. My...
  10. Regearing to 3.21 Like the RAM for best MPG

    Ok. well, either way. Now I get it. Same engine, transmission, and gear ratio. You aren't crazy. Ha. Are you comparing numbers with 4wd ram? or 2wd?
  11. Gladiator Diesel Bottoming Out Poll - Let’s get some numbers here.

    That is insane. I'm sorry for you. I hope you got a decent loaner.
  12. Gorilla Glass pricing?

    Many car insurance policies has full glass with no bump in rates. Call your agent to check. The crack is now big enough to warrant a replacement. If you had GG then they should replace it with GG. If you didn't, you can probably pay the upcharge yourself. In MA where our cars are...
  13. Gorilla Glass pricing?

    I thought this thread was going to be a complaint about GG going from $95 to $195 in the last month.
  14. Gladiator Diesel Bottoming Out Poll - Let’s get some numbers here.

    I think that's marketing fluff. But if you assume that the Mojave has been strengthen to survive "jumps" and stuff like that. Then it would need to be strengthened even more to do the same things with an extra 400 lbs hanging off the nose. (best guess. I'm not sure of the extra weight). This...
  15. Gladiator Diesel Bottoming Out Poll - Let’s get some numbers here.

    Wait, so your Gladiator has been sitting at a dealer for a month because of a bottoming out complaint? That's insane. Did you detail this in this thread? (I haven't looked through all 6 pages) I'd have taken it back and told them to let me know when they have a fix. Unless they gave me a...
  16. Regearing to 3.21 Like the RAM for best MPG

    So I may owe you an apology. I was about to write. " Yes, but still you are talking about a completely different engine with a completely different torque curve". Since normally aspirated engines tend to run most efficiently at their torque peak RPM. (gal per hp per hour) But then I realized...
  17. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    This is great news. I ordered on 10/21. I figured in my head the wait would be 8-10 weeks. So anything less would be awesome. I ordered a Mojave so I' hoping the provided there aren't any commodity constraints, they will sequence the more loaded ones first once the start making 22s.
  18. Regearing to 3.21 Like the RAM for best MPG

    Yes, but a completely different engine. If they are turning the same rpm and one engine makes 600 ft-lbs at the crank, it will be easy to livewtih. If the other makes 260 ft lbs, it will be miserable. you have also neglected to account for the fact that what matters is OVERAL gear ratio...
  19. Best 35" A/T tires

    how is the noise compared to the stock 33s?
  20. Best 35" A/T tires

    How is the noise on the Baja Boss? Who makes them for MT?? I was leaning towards the Genera Grabber ATX. Its got great reviews for comfort and noise and surprisingly its an E rated tire. I was focusing more on C rated tires but this one seems to get lots of positive reviews for ride and...