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  1. Aftermarket Sequential Turn Signals for Sport S?

    It's the entire light. They are on morimotos web site, not hard to find
  2. Aftermarket Sequential Turn Signals for Sport S?

    Of you're taking about the fender lights, yes Morimoto makes them. You have the option of sequential or not just by unplugging on wire on them
  3. Drivers seat bottom tilt

    Yea there's enough thread engagement, but you could always just get longer bolts at the local hardware store if it bothers you.
  4. Drivers seat bottom tilt

    I used two 1/2" nuts as spacers and it was just enough and was able to reuse the stock bolts
  5. Under seat sub box built (pic heavy)

    Yes the plastic cargo tray come off easily
  6. Anyone have any experience with Insane Audio?

    No issues at all with the hot spot connection. I do have an ongoing BT issue but they are working with me to figure it out.. It's more of an annoyance than a problem tho...some times it won't connect unless I reboot the unit
  7. Left Ambient Light knob not working

    No shade buddy. Just pointing out that what you asked was specifically already answered.
  8. Left Ambient Light knob not working

    Literally 4 posts up SO at least on some, if not all, the circuits aren't there and it's not a simple plug and play deal....would it be hard to add the circuit, No. But at least for me it's not worth the time for footwell lights
  9. Under seat sub box built (pic heavy)

    That's where I got the idea! I was thinking of under the front seats as well but I thought there would be a better chance of them getting wet or kicked there
  10. Under seat sub box built (pic heavy)

    The angle iron (its way over kill, but what I had on hand) is drilled and place over the factory studs that hold down the lower cargo tray(removed) then just fender washers and 2 nuts The PVC board is bolted to 2 peices of flat stock that I welded to the angle iron. This bracket is way more...
  11. Rubicon fender swap

    The max tow liners won't fit Not sure sure why they are giving you a hard time....they attach the same exact way as the the ones you've removed.
  12. Mopar cover experience and effectiveness

    It's not meant to fit with the soft top on
  13. Under seat sub box built (pic heavy)

    Gotcha! That's definitely a little more in depth than my minimal experience understands. EDIT** Also the PAC (R2 Version) can be had around $250-280 if you shop around, in case some one wants to go that route
  14. Under seat sub box built (pic heavy)

    Maybe I'm not understanding correctly but I don't think that is true about the resistors. Before I had the IA head unit I ran the stock uconnect through a PAC amp pro(plug&play to gain RCA outputs) to my own amp and speakers. Never had any issues. Unless the amp pro does the same thing as you...
  15. Under seat sub box built (pic heavy)

    If you're changing to 6.5s youre going to want to run your own amp, not run them directly from the head unit (or factory amp if equipped) so you would need to run new speaker wire. (There are ways to reuse the stock wiring but at this point, with any decent speakers & amp, you're going to be...
  16. Under seat sub box built (pic heavy)

    I'm running kicker 6.5 components in both locations
  17. Doors off (trail) mirrors?

    I don't know if these were reviewed yet (not going through 5 pages to find out) but I went with the rugged ridge windshield mount mirrors. Not a good choice. My main reason for choosing these was to be able to run soft doors and have mirrors...well because of where the mirror ends up, it would...
  18. Mopar cover experience and effectiveness

    I actually won the Mopar cover on an Instagram giveaway...I didn't think I'd use it much but I ended up using it all the time. I usually take my soft top completely off and store it in the bed, and if I know it's going to be nice out the next day I throw the cover on at night. It DOES a great...
  19. Anyone installed Rubi front fenders on Sport?

    Here the thread I made on the swap. It's not complicated
  20. Anyone installed Rubi front fenders on Sport?

    That's a pic of the actual fenders, not flares. The Rubi flare kit from Mopar comes with everything, flares, lights and liners.